Tank monitoring is simple with Zedi Automation as a Service

Posted by Doug Watt on Mar 21, 2019 12:43:00 PM

Do-it-yourself field automation sounds great until you realize all the mind-bending decisions involved.

I think of this when I go to a favorite restaurant—a fast-casual place where you line upTank monitoring automation as a service for oil and gas production in front of a massive menu board loaded with salads, sandwiches, soups, potatoes and…..on and on.

It’s obvious whenever the person in front of me is a first-timer. Eyes wide, hands shaking, lips moving without a sound. Maybe they’re praying. Because I felt that way on my first couple of visits, I can help them. I know how to navigate the menu.

The team at Zedi know how to navigate the field automation menu, including tank monitoring, because we’ve ordered before. We know the secret ingredients of sensors, the special sauce of communication links and the table setting of data storage and reporting. In short, you sit down, take care of your work—and we’ll order for you.Lots of customers have come to us for that reason. Our experience gets you up and running faster than anyone. That experience also earns us a place as a trusted advisor. We’ve learned, sometimes even the hard way - what works and what to avoid.

You’ve noticed that speed is of the essence today, and we provide that.

With remote tank monitoring you suddenly have the power at your desk or on your smart device. Tank filling up? We can alarm you or your designated people, and we can include the trucking company so they can schedule a pickup. We can set that alarm at, say, 75 percent, and a higher level one at 90 percent. And at, say, 98 percent we can have it shut off the pump, if you want us to install that type of hardware.

Tank monitoring automation as a service for oil and gas productionSo, even though we’re doing the ordering for you, we’ll still ask if you want ketchup or extra cheese.

There are also options for video surveillance (you’d be surprised at how much more you’ll learn with eyes on the prize), liquid measurement (how much did the driver pump out?) and so much more—as much control and information as you’re ready for.

Zedi Automation as a Service - The key here is “as a service.” That means you can add more controls over time. You can monitor a new tank, a new well, a new field you bought (we can incorporate existing hardware into our system if there’s already something there). You can make pretty much any changes you need with a phone call to us. We’re also available for repairs and replacement—an additional fee may apply.

So instead of calling vendor after vendor, sorting through catalogues and pairing up software and hardware—you’re making one call and having one meeting with Zedi. Then in a few days you’re streaming production data into spreadsheets, reducing trips to the site, keeping everyone safer and focusing clearer eyes on your data and your business.

You’re welcome. Enjoy your data feast.


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