Customer Stories



An oil producer in the Texas Panhandle, specializing in revitalizing low volume oil and gas production, had a need for a single source vendor as their existing SCADA supplier was unable to meet their advanced technical requirements. The customer was struggling to find a full end-to-end solution to improve production with marginal wells and have a clear view of liquid production.


The experts at Zedi came up with a solution that incorporated Automation and Software Solutions to provide the customers with a one stop shop for all their needs. The new Zedi solution integrated seamlessly with the customer’s existing equipment on-site and Zedi designed the system to work with their current operational processes.


With the new solution, the customer has increased visibility into production, and improved control leading to better overall production results. Zedi positively affected the way that the customer can optimize their wells by providing best-in-class technologies. There has been excellent initial success with their current wells and they are in the planning stages to continue to keep drilling.

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