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Decisions, decisions...

It's mind blowing when you think about how much time most of us spend on researching different decisions today; household purchasing decisions, cooking decisions, child care decisions, car buying decisions, vacation destination decisions, even simple things like the best way to clean something decisions - any decisions life throws our way today we grab our phone or run to the computer to look and see what are the options, best practice, best deal and then move forward.



Now, think of your employees who spend hours sorting, cleaning, detailing and organizing operational data from multiple databases, locations and spreadsheets to simplify data enough to make a least one informed business decision.


I just gave myself heartburn thinking about that.


How companies operate and use their data will significantly impact how successfully (or not) they run their operations. With Emerson's Zedi Cloud Platform, we simplify the connection between sensors to get you the data you need to make better business decisions to achieve better-performing assets, streamlined compliance, and optimized resources.


Orchestrate and analyze


Zedi Cloud SCADA Platform was built for making your operational data it's very best. Our scalable cloud-based platform supports any digital monitoring hardware for real-time data. Sensors located in your remotely located operations send data back to the Zedi cloud platform, where it's then securely stored, analyzed and viewed through our web-based application Zedi Access. The platform provides data updates in real-time or on a scheduled basis, depending on how you decide is best for your people.


We help you find a more detailed approach to collecting, analyzing, disseminating, and presenting your data in a way that is easy to interpret and make decisions for the business. Embedded with features and applications, you can easily arrange, organize, authorize, approve and analyze your data in various ways - Here are just a few examples:


Quantity Transaction Record (QTR) Calculator is used to roll-up production from gas wells into daily volumes of the produced product. 


Zedi Composition Management –used to manage the import and approval of gas composition analyses from the lab.


Zedi Measurement Schematics –used to manage measurement and schematics of upstream facilities.


Alarm Notifications –Callout via email, text, or phone to responsible users and teams. Includes acknowledgment, retries, contact schedules, and callout lists.


Pipeline Anomaly Detection– A Statistical and Machine Learning based identification of atypical events, including leaks, on pipelines. The application explicitly targets Saltwater Disposal systems.


Visualize Your Data 


Create and maintain live data screens within Zedi Access or have screens built professionally. You'll have the option of having several controls/widget

s available, including a simple graphics package. 


Screen Graph Icon

Live data screen allows you to control and make changes quickly from the screen; it's the primary spot where customers will perform two-way communication, like maintaining set points or changing remote values. 


You can build or have our Data Specialist help you create complex dashboards for a consolidate view of your operations.

Our Report Center provides Ad-hoc or pre-built graphing and trending reports. Create reports from data sources like historians and aggregates from information that is calculated derived, real-time data, aggregated data, or user-entered data. Type of reports you can create can help you compare multiple tank information or tags on multiple assets. 


Informed decisions from one data source


Too much information can lead to decisions that can have a wide variety of impacts on your operations.


With our Platform, your internal resources can be better utilized, as employees will be spending less time consuming, cleaning, and analyzing data. The right data allows internal departments to collaborate so together they can make more informed decisions from one data source. 


Your robust operational data is driven by our commitment to continuously update and enhance our cloud-based platform so you can access your information securely, quickly, and accurately to make the best possible operational decisions every day.



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