Want all your data in the palm of your hand? Let’s talk about Zedi Go

Posted by Doug Watt on Feb 6, 2018 3:24:00 PM

I had an interesting conversation with my young son the other day—about how phones used to be.

Remember? Wired to the wall. Trapped by that wire.

The huge advance with the invention of the cordless phone that would let you roam all the way to the perimeter of your home or office—and permanently lose the handset under a couch cushion!

My son was wide-eyed. He’s never known that limitation. “How did you listen to music or watch videos?” he asked.

How does that relate to Zedi Go?

To heck with geographical limitations for data and well control! The perimeters of the earth are the only limitations!

Not long after the release of Zedi Go a new client told me as much. They said Zedi Access (the main software, for desktops) and Zedi Go saved them from having to drive to the site to get data. This saves them lots of man hours every day. “I have all my data in the palm of my hand,” they said.

I have to say, while this is very encouraging to hear, I’m not surprised. We’ve been computerizing data for the better part of two decades, always improving and moving forward. Zedi Go is just the next step into the future.

And the future is now! Even a few years ago no one could imagine having access to all your data wherever you were.

With our new release of Zedi Go, which came out November 30, it’s not just data. We added control functions for our SilverJack hydraulic pumping units.

The Zedi SilverJack is already much more flexible than standard pumpjacks. Not only can you stop and start it remotely (as with most other pumps) you can control stroke length, stroke speed and so much more.

Now you can do that with your smart phone.

Have an iPhone while your coworker has an Android? No problem, we’ve got both covered.

From our download data, I think it’s clear that our customers love it as well. In just 9 months since its release, about half our customers have downloaded it.

There’s no additional cost for this, if you’re already a Zedi Access customer. Just download it.

In fact, if you haven’t already done so, go HERE.

Use it for a while and then click one of my favorite buttons; the one that says “Feedback.” We give full considerations to all serious ideas—yours could be part of our next upgrade.

After all, the app is all about making your workday more productive.

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