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When you're in the field or simply away from a computer, easily access current production, input valuable operational datacreate custom forms, instantly update systems, and directly control your field devices through an app designed specifically for oil and gas field operators.

Easily monitor and manage your production on the go

  • Easily view trend graphs of recent performance to assess operations while in the field
  • Prioritize your work while in the field based on current alarm information
  • Option to automatically push data to other systems or to custom reports

Capture field data, change settings and issue commands directly from your mobile device

  • Demand poll from your mobile device to quickly and easily update SCADA readings
  • Save time when doing plate changes by immediately updating measurement systems through your mobile device
  • Create custom mobile forms that eliminate other field paperwork

Simplify the work of recording chart estimates

  • Enter data and update production systems through your mobile device
  • Optimize processes by viewing chart estimates and actuals from Zedi TrueChart side by side in a variance report
  • Capture chart estimates via your mobile device for export to other programs
Use the same system in the field as in the office
  • View oil and gas production information using an app designed specifically for oil and gas field operators
  • Download today and log in to Zedi Go using your current Zedi Access user account


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