Manage gas and liquid composition analysis

Posted by Community User on Jul 6, 2017 9:09:42 AM

Times have been tough. We have all seen volatility and uncertainty in our industry over the past few years. Cloud software to better manage lab samples for oil and gas producersCompanies have been making changes to their structure and processes to be more efficient and less wasteful. Like most people in our industry, you probably have asked yourself how you can streamline your processes without sacrificing speed or quality. We’ve created several ways to help you do that. One that we'll dig into today is how to manage your lab sampling program with speed and ease to give you more time to focus on your core business.


We know that Composition Management is important to your daily business operations. From coordinating sample collection to analyzing the results, you need a tool that not only performs core functionality well, but one that also helps you to optimize your workflow to save time and money. We’re always working hard to build better tools that help you achieve those goals. That’s why we’re proud to introduce the new and improved Zedi Composition Management system.


Key features include:

Easily plan, coordinate, and monitor your sampling program. Are you tired of leaving yourself reminders to schedule a sample collection? With ZCM’s scheduler you can manage and track sampling activities according to individual site requirements. In addition, you can quickly and easily arrange sampling services by simply exporting a sampling schedule from ZCM and sending it to the lab. No more manually scheduling every sample collection!

Quickly and easily find fluid analyses. Want easy access to your analyses for all your operations staff? ZCM consolidates fluid analysis in a single repository that is accessible to an unlimited number of users for your convenience.

Know your analyses are up-to-date. What good is accessible data if it’s not fresh? Enjoy accurate and timely fluid analysis data from major Canadian labs – and you don’t have to wait for it, because the data is sent directly into ZCM the moment it is published by the lab!

Save time and hassle with automatic approvals. Take the headache out of manual approvals for samples that don’t need human intervention! Use our automatic approval feature to auto-approve fluid analyses that meet validation criteria defined by you.

Keep field devices up-to-date. ZCM immediately and automatically updates field devices on Zedi Access and meters in TrueChart when a new fluid analysis is approved. Never wonder if your devices have the latest data again!


Cloud software to better manage lab samples for oil and gas producers


Fluid sampling isn’t going away, so we've made the process of collecting, approving, and reporting on it painless and easy. 




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