Zedi SCADA and four ways to save time and money according to Midland Reporter-Telegram

Posted by Zedi News on Sep 17, 2018 10:31:00 AM

The decision to outsource SCADA or to host in-house is a large one when considering the time and money both options require. The Midland Reporter-Telegram has written an article outlining four things to consider when choosing a SCADA system.

It also covers the benefits including time and ultimately money saved by having it hosted buy the experts at Zedi. With all the components, including data retrieval and storage, security and IT man-hours, the article explains the benefits and possible costs and issues with SCADA systems.

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Data Entry for Zedi Go featured on BOE Report

Posted by Zedi News on Sep 6, 2018 9:35:00 AM

Today we are excited to release the updated version of Zedi Go, our mobile application that is brings mobility to the power of our market leading platform. The update was featured on the BOE Report in the article, "Monitor, manage and enter data remotely with Zedi Go."

The article features the new Data Entry capabilities of the Zedi Go, which now allows operators easily access current production, input valuable operational data, create custom forms,instantly update systems, and directly control their field devices

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Midland paper features Data Entry for Zedi Go

Posted by Zedi News on Sep 4, 2018 7:45:00 AM

The Midland Reporter-Times has written an article featuring our mobile app Zedi Go and its new update including data entry capabilities for pumpers in the field and out of the office.

The article talks about the features of the app by saying, "Zedi Go lets your pumpers use that most valuable piece of property to input tank and meter readings, gas chart estimates, compressor readings, chemical usage and pretty much anything they take readings on." It continues to state other benefits including the time and money saved through the ability to easily monitor and manage your production and operations data while using the same system in the office.

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Zedi mentioned as "innovation leader" in Calgary Economic Development article

Posted by Zedi News on Jun 27, 2018 12:48:00 PM

In an article about Calgary as a growth area in the technology sector, Zedi was mentioned as an innovation leader. The article was posted on the Calgary Economic Development website and also on IndustryandBusiness.ca

The article states, "Zedi Solutions is a well-established energy company that is repositioning its remote sensor technology for industries including agriculture and retail. CEO Matthew Heffernan is nominated for a 2018 Ernest C. Manning Innovation Award for repositioning its energy-related technology for growing sectors.

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How a Calgary company keeps slushees flowing around the world

Posted by Zedi News on Jun 25, 2018 1:23:56 PM

The next time you’re treating yourself to a sugar-filled, semi-frozen beverage from your nearest corner store, there’s a good chance a Calgary-based company helped make it happen.

Matt Heffernan, CEO of Zedi Inc., said the company got its start more than 30 years ago making probes and sensors for oil and gas wells.

Initially they made probes that could be lowered down a well to send back information, but over the decades they expanded into automation, and even artificial intelligence.

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Zedi’s technology supports student project at NAIT

Posted by Zedi News on Jun 13, 2018 6:33:39 PM

Zedi is proud to support the local communities in which we operate and are pleased to share this exciting example of connecting our technology with local partners. Students at NAIT (Northern Alberta Institute of Technology) created a tool to "gather data on emerging technology in wireless internet connectivity" and utilized Zedi's technology to bring their project idea into reality.

A student group in the Technology Management program, "built a prototype and tied that into Zedi’s existing secure cloud infrastructure technology Zedi Access, which was provided to the students." The Capstone projects completed by NAIT students act as a learning experience that also enhances the students' career and networking opportunities, while building partnerships in the community.

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Tank Monitoring Now Available with Zedi

Posted by Zedi News on Mar 12, 2018 11:15:00 AM

HOUSTON, TX – (March 12, 2018) Zedi is pleased to announce the launch of Zedi Tank Monitoring, an easy-to-use solution to easily monitor your tanks from anywhere with simple, easy to read data. This Zedi technology provides visibility to your tanks with sensor points showing you current volume or levels, with cry-out alarms to inform you of any issues.

Zedi’s simple tank monitoring solution provides notifications on features such as operational status, real-time tank levels and real-time tank volumes with custom alarm set up available. With this simple solution, companies can now reduce site visits while increasing safety, profitability and uptime. Real time data is available anytime, anywhere through Zedi Access, a powerful tool that provides remote monitoring, control and optimization.

“What makes this different is our unique automation capabilities being added to existing tank set ups, saving customers the stress of guessing what is going wrong with their tanks” says Darren Epp, Director and Market Manager of Automation at Zedi. “This solution is designed to integrate existing automation and SCADA for the customer, ultimately saving them time and money.”

This solution is easy and inexpensive to install with low cost wireless sensors and transmitters. It is also efficient for the customer through self-contained power systems, long battery life for wireless sensors and the ability to add solar power system to wireless sensors.

The new tank monitoring solution is available in two options depending on the specific needs of the set up. The scalable solution is available for one tank to multiple in one location, which are serviced by the same communications assembly. The expandable solution adds additional wireless sensors to monitor pumpjacks, pressures, temperatures or totalizers.

Epp continues by saying, “The addition of tank monitoring into our automation capabilities, in combination with our Software solutions, is another example of how Zedi is provides its customers with the tools they need to realize their production potential.”

About Zedi

Through technology backed by expert consultation and services, we help our customers realize their production potential. With 60 years of continuous operations in North America, we’re recognized as one of the industry’s best workplaces which sets us apart in the production operations landscape. With our unique combination of award-winning software, automation, measurement, artificial lift and field services, we offer complete solutions for the challenges our customers encounter.

Permian Basin Oil and Gas Magazine features Zedi in article

Posted by Zedi News on Mar 5, 2018 4:16:37 PM

An article in the Permian Basin Oil and Gas Magazine featured Zedi in an article on machine learning and advancements in IT in the oil and gas sector.

The article features Richard Link, Senior Market Manager for Software Solutions, who speaks to Zedi's current capabilities with alarming and how the technology today is much more advanced than a simple alarm saying something is wrong. By comparing historical data against alarms to "teach" the machines. The articles quotes Link by saying "We're setting up scenarios that push the system outside of its normal parameters and we're letting the software learn all of that; learn whats normal so that it can determine what an alarm is."

The article also speaks to the large amount of data available in today's oil and gas climate, and the importance of having that data in formats that are shareable between systems.


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Zedi featured in Daily Oil Bulletin

Posted by Zedi News on Jan 24, 2018 2:53:11 PM

An article was posted on the Daily Oil Bulletin featuring Zedi's application of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) in the food retail space. It also discusses our current 1.4 million sensors, in 25 countries which generate over 50 million readings per day.

Zedi's CEO, Matthew Heffernan, recently represented Zedi in a summit organized by Calgary Economic Development, which brought together various tech companies from around Silicon Valley. The purpose was to educate and share the digital technology being used in the energy space.

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Zedi's CEM Team featured in Midland Reporter-Telegram

Posted by Zedi News on Nov 13, 2017 11:30:00 AM

Zedi's Customer Experience Management (CEM) team has been featured in the Midland Reporter-Telegram, a local Midland, TX newspaper. The article details the accessibility and customer-focusedattitude as the success of the team.

Customer feedback on the team has been very positive as they like having their "own personal CEM with a direct phone number." The article also points out that with the unpredictability and scale of potential issues in the industry, having a dedicated CEM can save time when support is needed.


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