Safely secure your gas distribution data

Posted by Najat Khalil on Oct 28, 2020 6:45:00 AM

Benjamin Franklin once said, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” Planning can make Gas distribution safety through cloud data platformthe difference when considering secondary system in case your primary SCADA system stops functioning.


Many gas distribution companies still rely on outdated SCADA systems in one central location without the proper back-up in case of unforeseen circumstances that could potential have them lose all data because they didn’t probably prepare. 


With Emerson's Zedi Cloud SCADA platform, you have solutions for the gas distribution industry that will allow a speedy implementation to a secure secondary back-up system to monitor and control your sites remotely from anywhere, anytime.


Our platform provides you a scalable and flexible system for monitoring a single site to thousands of monitoring points, with easy integration of remote devices and a wide range of SCADA solutions for existing host networks, on-premise hosts, or off-premises cloud based solutions that can easily supplement or replace your on-premise system. 


During unexpected events your staff will be able to successfully continue to operate sites by using our web-based platform or our mobile app; Zedi Go that works on any smart device. Emerson's Zedi cloud SCADA Solutions offer a wide variety of strong benefits to keep you, your team and your operations safer including:


Flexibility: Scalable cloud SCADA choices with monitoring, from a single site to thousands of monitoring points. 


Evergreen Software: software updates are automatically applied without any interruptions to your operations.


Technology backed by service: Innovative cloud & IIoT technology backed by always-on service experts available 24/7/365


Secure back-up: Real-time data to your control room operations, with accurate historian to avoid any communication outages.


Mobility accessibility: Your employees can quickly access site information from any mobile device with the mobile app; Zedi Go. The app allows for alarms to be delivered directly to your staff’s phones via text message or email, allowing rapid response to different situations.


Advanced analytics:  Insights with Emerson Zedi advanced analytics to present actionable data for effective decision making.



SCADA Redundancy- Is your system still operable during a disaster? 


We recently provided our Cloud SCADA solutions to a natural gas utility provider customer who was using a traditional on-premises SCADA system with a single server. They were concerned that if that server went down or the office where that system was housed had to close, they would be without control and alarming capabilities. 


Gas distribution safety through cloud data platformThey required a cost-effective solution for redundant monitoring and alarming on their critical town border pressure monitoring station and their critical intake stations. 


Our team was quick to set-up Emerson's Zedi Cloud SCADA as their secondary SCADA system, helping them solve their critical site redundancy problem.


It also provides more redundancy because it is a fully separate communication channel and a separate SCADA system. Also, in the event of a natural disaster, they can monitor their assets from anywhere. 


Get ahead with your planning- replace or supplement your on-premise SCADA system with Emerson's Zedi Cloud SCADA platform. 




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