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When the real estate market is booming, home buyers will fight for virtually any house that hits the market. It's nice for sellers while it's happening, but eventually, the buyers who chose the best location will hold the properties with the greatest value. Of course there is much more to factor into your decision before committing yourself to a purchase that large; you probably have poured over the area data to see what the crime rate is, how the schools are, what the resale market holds, how far it is to conveniences, how close the neighbors are (or are not), etc...

Predicting long-term market value of anything isn't easy, but there are some tell-tale things to look for before you sign the dotted line that can help give you insight into the long-range value. The most important is of course all that data you can find today, on just about anything!

We can also say this is true when companies select the right cloud platform to host their operational data. Securing your data on the right platform will provide your operations with more insight than your competition and bring better returns on your investments.

With our secure, scalable IIoT platform, we enable operations like yours to compile data from any digital monitoring hardware via gateways that support various protocols. Your data will be stored in a centralized location, while offering your designated and authorized end users access to the data you choose based on their role and responsibilities - all this helps create much more value for your organization and enables your people to use that data to 'see' and even 'predict'.

Depending on your industry and company needs, Emerson's Zedi IIoT platform will deliver value in several ways, but here are a few of the most impactful examples:


We use IIoT applications and sensor technology to connect your assets via a secure connection to our platform. Once you're connected, your staff has access through Zedi Access or Zedi Go app from anywhere, at any time. Downtime can have a significant impact on your organization. Our experts ensure our platform is always running a full speed, so you never have to worry about your data not being available to you or your employees.


The Zedi platform offers the ability to easily, and quickly scale to fit your current growth needs. Suppose your company is looking to add more assets to your portfolio. In that case, you can quickly contact our team of experts to figure out the details for integrating your new acquisitions into our platform. Your operations will have the ability to push data to third-party platforms, allowing remote control and optimization via cloud-based data access. It's pretty straightforward; as your organization grows, our platform grows with you.

Stress-free updates

Because the Zedi IIoT platform and it's software are cloud-native you will never have to deal with the stress of maintenance to the system; outages for updates or even re-booting again! Our experts make every update happen automatically on our end, so it doesn't require anything from your end users - they are just there and happen without interruptions or downtime.

Expert support & training

We offer live support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - even holidays and weekends! It's important to us that you can get the right help whenever, and wherever you may need it to keep your operations running at peak performance; even on New Years' eve! They can help you with just about anything you may need; from adding a new site, setting up your alarms or just resetting your password. We also offer complete training for you and your authorized end users to be sure everyone is getting the right data, at the right time.


More than ever, you can choose a custom solution that's tailor-made to meet your company's specific needs. You don't have to pick from a list of standard packages, and you can select what you need now. Perhaps you'd like to host the data of a few assets in remote locations or would like to have your data stored in a cloud platform as a backup to your current system. Whatever your company's needs, our cloud platform can accommodate them.

These are just a few of the reasons why choosing Emerson's Zedi IIoT platform will help you quickly see strong return, and your staff will also have the ability to see data analytics meant just for their role; describing to them exactly what they need to know for today, and tomorrow to make the best possible business decisions.




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