Getting cloud on time and on budget with Project Management services

Posted by Amy Thibault on Apr 5, 2022 11:15:00 AM



Digital transformation projects usually require many complex steps. Each of these steps requires a well thought out, budgeted, and highly detailed plan. Who provides that plan will be your companies key to successfully reaching that desired destination for your operations on your time-frame and your budget requirements.

Many companies undervalue the importance of project management as a crucial component for project success. Instead the project(s) become everyone's baby; not one person. Strong leaders prefer to have one person accountable and responsible for the project as a whole; or as some leaders like to say 'one throat to choke' (I write that with a smile on my face and all due respect). This way everyone knows the exact time line, expectations and one person is in charge of the budget so it doesn't run wild.Undoubtedly, robust project management improves the chances for success, drives cost-saving and risk reduction. At Emerson's Zedi Cloud Platform, we offer cloud-based software solutions to industrial customers who are new to cloud-based software, aren't happy with their current provider or expanding their operations with new assets.

Expert project support

Our Zedi Project Management Services can offer flexible and knowledgeable project support to help guide you through a successful Cloud implementation journey. Our Project Delivery teams leverage advanced experience, education, methodologies, and tools to ensure an efficient and well-executed project.

We can help your company with various cloud-based projects while working with multiple individuals, from c-level executives to service consultants. 

Zedi Project Managers help you clearly define what your project will achieve- and then ensure your company meets those goals. They also determine the time, people, capital resources, and steps required and then select the individuals to complete the tasks and then lead your company's project to completion.

We provide that much-needed direction to ensure that each contributor knows their part at every project phase. 

Most cloud software projects can range from simple to complex, so each project we take on is planned and organized to tailor our customers' requirements. Your operations can request a 15-page project charter and one-on-one attention or only have a 5-page project charter with weekly status updates.

Proven success

Few companies can fully take on Cloud Software projects themselves without a skilled project manager. Project Managers take a great sense of ownership and professionalism when working with your project teams and ensure you receive the following Success Tools:Checkmark Clipboard Icon

  • Project Charter 
  • Work Breakdown Structure
  • Project Schedule 
  • Budget Tracking
  • Communication Plan 
  • Risk Analysis
  • Performance Reporting
  • Project Closeout Report

    Finally, the next time you’re thinking about cloud-based software solutions, consider Zedi Cloud Platform and our project services to execute all your operations requirements.



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