Improve internal communications via cloud-based measurement schematics

Posted by Community Contributor on Feb 25, 2021 12:15:00 PM

Measurement schematics is a useful software as a service (SaaS) tool to improve the communication between your field operations, production, and accounting team. Schematics help track the flow of production and troubleshooting measurement issues.

From my experience, most schematics drawings are saved in area files on a company’s network drives with limited accessibility to other people that need access to them. With no server to purchase or software to install or maintain, our team can quickly integrate Emerson's Zedi Measurement Schematics application within Emerson's Zedi cloud based platform that's scalable for remote SCADA monitoring and control of field devices. 

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Meet AER regulations with Zedi Measurement Schematics

Posted by Community User on Feb 11, 2021 1:30:00 PM

IN an effort to help you better understand the importance of measurement schematics to your operations for Alberta's Energy Regulations (AER) we gathered a list of questions were most frequently asked about, while demonstrating how Emerson's cloud-based Zedi Measurement Schematics application can help meet these requirements.

General questions producers inquire about regarding AER regulation are many, but here are the answers to the most often asked, and of course we're always here to help you with any additional questions or help you may need.

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Fishing to optimize operations

Posted by Amy Thibault on Jan 15, 2019 12:55:00 PM

I’ve been an obsessed angler for years. I don’t need a special reason, or day to go fishing either – I go any chance I get. Sunny 108-degree Texas days, Christmas day, or drizzly cool days.

It isn’t about the temperature, or location – it’s simply about the experience.

There is something about the peacefulness of being on the lake, or a river that captures my senses, and instantly relaxes me, while at the same time ignites my creative side with a new sense unlimited possibilities. It isn’t the excitement of actually catching a fish at all (since it’s not my favorite meal) – but it’s the experience that captivates my mind, warms my soul, and energizes my spirit.

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Fluid analysis made easy

Posted by Community Contributor on Apr 12, 2018 11:00:00 AM

Are you still receiving your analyses from the lab in your inbox, saving each analysis in your computer or filing cabinet, reviewing each component, and then entering each component into the meter on Zedi Access?  Or worse, sending someone to site to update the meter with its new analysis in-person?

If this sounds all too familiar, never fear – Zedi Composition Management (ZCM) is here!  Let me show you a few ways how ZCM, Zedi’s analysis management software, can make your life easier.

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How we process your gas charts faster

Posted by Christina Robertson on Mar 8, 2018 3:10:00 PM

It seems that, no matter the price of oil and gas, everyone in the field is really busy. At $100 a barrel, there’s too much for anyone to keep up with. At $30-$50 a barrel, everyone but you has been laid off, so guess what? You’re still too busy.

We really understand that, and the Zedi TrueChart team is here for you, to help track down and gather the gas meter charts from your fields. That way we can scan them, process the information and get you the reports you need in order to get paid, or to verify invoices. Read More

Quickly remedy wellsite production problems

Posted by Ed Moore on Mar 5, 2018 11:45:00 AM

“Dear Producer,” the email should read. “I want to tell you about a problem I have on well number 10. It’s—well, it’s just not producing like it should. I think there may be a liquid loading problem. In truth, this has been building up for a while, and I was afraid something like this would happen. What should we do?”

I don’t know if you ever read advice columns, where people write in and ask for help with relationship issues. Sometimes it’s interesting to see what the columnist has to offer as a solution.

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