Fishing to optimize operations

Posted by Amy Thibault on Jan 15, 2019 12:55:00 PM

I’ve been an obsessed angler for years. I don’t need a special reason, or day optime production for oil and gas operationsto go fishing either – I go any chance I get. Sunny 108-degree Texas days, Christmas day, or drizzly cool days.

It isn’t about the temperature, or location – it’s simply about the experience.

There is something about the peacefulness of being on the lake, or a river that captures my senses, and instantly relaxes me, while at the same time ignites my creative side with a new sense unlimited possibilities. It isn’t the excitement of actually catching a fish at all (since it’s not my favorite meal) – but it’s the experience that captivates my mind, warms my soul, and energizes my spirit.

Often times the things we enjoy the most aren’t actually about one particular aspect, but the full experience. That’s why we work so hard to give you the full experience of stronger operational returns with our vast, easy to work with cloud-based solutions, and our friendly experts that can optimize your operations.

It’s a unique experience to work with us because we have it all; IIoT, sensors, gateways, artificial intelligence, machine learning, cloud-based SCADA, and automation that provide your data whenever, however – and wherever you need it complete with a mobile app – all managed by some of the most organized people you’ll ever meet so you don’t have to worry about any of it.

The added bonus is of course our Support team that is available for any questions you may have – and they’re available 24 hours a day, seven days a week (even when I’m fishing on Christmas morning).

When you add it all up that’s when you have the full Emerson's Zedi Cloud Solutions experience. Everything handled by one company, that has tons of expertise on all things around getting you the operational data, at the right time, to and from the right place.

Suddenly you have time to fully focus on other aspects of your business (or better yet; fishing).

From the Permian, the Bakken, Eagle Ford, GoM or the great North; our people are here with our market-leading technology; all backed by our Project Management people to give you the freedom to focus your energy elsewhere. We keep the experience of working with us easy, professional, accurate and on time – all from one source.

optime production for oil and gas operationsThere is a lot to be said for being able to spend time doing something you love, verses spending the day worrying about keeping your data safe, setting up a site with automation, or making sense of all the data your SCADA provides. Worse yet, worrying you won’t get the correct data you need to be able to make serious decisions about each remote asset that could impact your business, your team, and everyone’s safety.

We're all here for you when you’re ready for a better operational data experience. We can quickly and easily handle getting all your remote assets set up with automation that can provide you with all the right data you need, alarms in case things are not running smoothly and in some cases, even fix problems before they even happen.

See you on the lake!



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