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Posted by Travis Barnden on Oct 31, 2017 11:20:00 AM

I don’t know about you, but I love the smell of freshly-baked bread. Or chocolate cake. Or cookies. There’s just nothing like tasting hot-from-the-oven baked goods!

Keeping fresh bread coming takes effort and attention to detail. Not everyone wants to do it.


It’s the same with well monitoring software. As needs change and as programmers find faster and better ways to collect and manage data, software must also be kept fresh. That’s what we do with Zedi Access (cloud-based field data monitoring), Roughneck (asset management and PM scheduling) and Zedi Go (our mobile app).

Where do we get our “recipes” for improvement? A lot of them come from you—our customers. After all, you’re using these platforms on the front lines every day. Any client who has ever thought, “I wish this software would...,” is welcome to send us that wish list. Truth is, somebody else is probably wishing that, too. We take these ideas and update our software monthly in most cases. Since it’s all subscriber-based SaaS, customers get these updates automatically.

People tell me they really like the fact that we have our own software team in house—that we’re not relying on a third party system.

This way we can be so much more responsive to customer requests. And we can answer all your questions—we don’t have to beg a vendor for answers. Your data is also fresh, updated constantly in real-time. With established operating parameters you’ll get an alarm when your tanks, artificial lift systems, pumps or other hardware start to show an issue.

This way, you only send someone to the site when there’s a problem, and you send them right away. This eliminates unnecessary trips and it keeps problems from lasting long or becoming too big. You cut operating costs both ways.

This fresh data is available in the cloud—anywhere, any time.

Reports are also geared to what you need. We can consolidate the data into easily readable reports, or you can download it and insert the information into your own reporting system.

By viewing graphs and charts you can often spot a trend even before an alarm is triggered. You can send a technician to the site to make repairs or adjustments before an actual problem even occurs.

This is where you really improve on operating expenses.

Of course, we keep your reporting functions updated, too. With so much data—current and historical—we’re constantly learning new ways to use this data in predictive models and other ways. Our answer will almost always be, “Sure, we can do that,” when you request an update.

I hope I’ve shown you how dedicated we are to your success! We’re only here to help you get the data and the control you need to be as efficient as possible.

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