Why centralizing data in the cloud matters

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If your company isn't centralizing its data you may be missing out on increasing productivity in your business.


Centralizing data means putting all your operational data into one single place. By consolidating data, your authorized company employees will have quick and easy access from anywhere. All that will be required is a secure internet connection.


Our cloud platform and Software as a Service (SaaS) offerings help your operations compile data from any digital monitoring hardware via gateways that support various protocols into a single centralized cloud location. From a single source, we can deliver real-time data to your computer or mobile device that allows authorized end-users to actively see the information you decide is relevant to each person or role within your organization.


Your centralize data in the Cloud  


Storing your data in one secure cloud location can help improve the productivity of your business and increase collaboration between employees. It also helps to ensure the security of your data and keep track of who should be accessing it, when and why.


Moving to a cloud platform ensures faster access to information throughout the business, even if employees work from home, the field or a different country. Data that is not centralized can cause a team to have difficulty answering even simple questions. At the same time, separated and unwanted data can also limit innovation and make your organization less competitive.


Using IIoT sensors to connect your assets to our Zedi Cloud platform enables your staff with the exact data they need to make better, more informed business decisions.


Help for your operations with the following: 


Optimize data asset


With effective data use, businesses perform better, profits improve, enhance customer satisfaction, and optimize costs.


Companies that can centralize and organize data from multiple sources are better suited to make better business decisions. If data is disorganized and decentralized, it becomes a barrier rather than an asset. Collecting, storing, and analyzing data in a centralized Cloud location will allow your company to make data-driven decisions. 


Data Consistency 


When your staff is working from the same data, it creates consistency throughout your organization. The decisions made will be a collaborative effort of all departments from data analyzed in the Cloud. Depending on your industry, you'll be able to provide quality reports consistently to your customers. 


Focus on what's important


Have your staff spend less time organizing the data and more time focusing on achieving business goals. Data in a centralized cloud location provides departments with a better understanding of processes. For example, when your finance staff has a better understanding of how field operations work, they can forecast and troubleshoot long-term plans with greater accuracy. 


Better Customer experiences


Using a Cloud platform to centralize data can improve customer experience. By consolidating data in our cloud software, it's easier to get quality reports and insights to deliver customer service.


For example, our customer had the objective of using Zedi Reports to generate weekly machine efficiency, availability, and uptime reports for their clients from Zedi Access. Having their assets connected to our platform provided them with the correct data to provide more value for their customers.


Time management 


The data collected in our cloud platform lets you quickly visualize and make sense of the data in less time than having your employees shift through it themselves. Team members who spend less time cleaning and analyzing data will have more time for developing strategies and implementing data-driven decisions. This will also help you save more resources because centralized data will reveal areas of inefficiency and prove that solutions can be effective.


centerlized data platform for oil and gas production, water, wastewater and gas distributionWhen data comes from multiple sources, it becomes hard to identify processes. With the Zedi Cloud platform you can automate these processes to generate and export data in different formats. 


Our platform will also provide your company with advanced analytic capabilities and enhanced security to maintain privacy and compliance for your operations. 


Build better connections within your company, optimizes workflows, and automate the use of multiple cloud applications when you centralize your data - we're ready to help you get started!




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