DeltaV™ SaaS SCADA Alarm Experts are (almost) magic


There is a bit of magic in every childhood story we read. Whether it be the Chronicles of Narnia with its enchanted kingdom or Aladdin’s genie in the lamp, we learn very early that supernatural powers often come in pretty handy.

Maybe you could use some telepathic powers to know what is happening in a remote production location. You’ve probably wished to have psychic abilities to know when a wellsite will stop producing before it happens, or if your team is safe working on site.

Most certainly you’d enjoy the gift of telekinesis to restart an artificial lift.

Our cloud-native platform is powered with machine learning and artificial intelligence that can easily reduce the costs and potential safety hazards of sending technicians to sites. We can even detect leaks in pipelines with enough accuracy to mitigate potential risks.

There are no magic potions or flying carpets involved. However, we do have our own group of wizards dedicated to improving the safety, profitability, and functionality of your well sites.

Its not quite the magic of fairy tales, but the DeltaV SaaS SCADA Alarm Experts can make your wish come true. They have the ability remotely restart equipment, usually within an hour of it going offline. This reduces the need to send technicians to site - saving time, money and most importantly; potential safety hazards.

With the wave of the proverbial magic wand, your site is functioning again, and no one turned into a pumpkin!

They review and analyze over 1,000 alarms every month to determine if a technician needs to go onsite.

But our supernatural powers don't end there; as an additional safety measure, we include a work alone program making calls to field personnel to verify their safety with 24/7 check-ins.

These preventative actions help to reduce instances of injury and potential liabilities related to technicians working alone in remote areas.

That piece of mind knowing that someone is always checking in with your team members to make sure when they work alone that they are safe, and if for any reason they may be in danger we can send help to the exact location they're working.

Through the years this 'magic' in itself grants you piece of mind, a bit more sleep, and your team members an added layer of safety and an over all stronger return on your investment.




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