It's your secure data

Posted by Najat Khalil on Aug 6, 2020 12:45:00 PM

There can be some misconceptions about how data is handled when Oil production data in cloud with push and pull to other softwareoutsourcing your Cloud Software. Given the advances in new technology and many circumstances affecting the oil and gas industry, automating your operations, and outsourcing your SCADA to a cloud based platform can have many advantages. 

The key is to have the right partner so you are certain your data will be handled with care. Emerson's Zedi Cloud SCADA Solutions takes handling your data very seriously and provides advanced security for all our platform and software applications.

You, and your permission-based personnel will have access to your production data through our web-based applications and Emerson Zedi Go Mobile App.

Built for the oil and gas industry

Emerson's Zedi Access is an online application specifically built for oil and gas producers for remote SCADA monitoring, control, and optimization at the well pad - regardless of the field device used at the site. Some features include live production data, unlimited users, anywhere access, and 3rd party access and with Data Exchange are able to securely push or pull your data where you need it. 

Oil production data in cloud with push and pull to other softwareThe Zedi Go Mobile App is a smartphone app you can use when you're in the field or simply away from a computer. The app lets you quickly access current oil and gas production, input valuable operational data, create custom forms, and update systems. 

If you want to take your data to the next level, our software application Emerson's Zedi Vital, is a field data capture functionality with advanced reporting, allows all production data to be available in one spot to all authorized users. It will enable you to customize data analysis, provide robust trend analysis, and increase collaboration with your personnel.

It's your data, and we always respect that  

Emerson acknowledges the ownership of your data belongs to only you. Through our Data Exchange, you can request to import or export data through to other software - or to other third-party platforms. Our Emerson team is currently working on new self-serve Data Exchange features where customers can use wizard tools that will walk them through each step in a standardized format without any intervention from us.

We customize solutions appropriate for your needs, we're always happy to demonstrate our expertise for your data solutions.



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