Autonomous Rod Pump Solution

Posted by Tanner Erickson on Dec 9, 2020 12:15:00 PM

With technology supported by our experts, we offer comprehensive Autonomous oil production operationssolutions to our customers' challenges. We have developed rod pump monitoring and control for an advanced solution using artificial intelligence with machine learning capabilities for Autonomous Rod Pump management.


What is an Autonomous Rod Pump? 


Autonomous Rod Pump is an Artificial Intelligence application (analytics engine) that identifies anomalies on rod pump applications. 


Autonomous refers to a state of equipment where it can perform the programmed operations under defined conditions without human input or guidance. When we talk about this type of equipment, we use the adjective, autonomous. 


The main function of artificial lift technology is to increase production and maximize hydrocarbon production and recovery from the reservoir. It accomplishes this through optimizing the bottom hole flowing pressure in order to increase the flow rate or generate flow where when the reservoir pressure becomes too low over the lifespan of the well. Rod pumps are the most common artificial lift system and utilized in onshore operations, most notably in the unconventional oil plays such as the Permian and Bakken.


Autonomous Rod Pump management replaces the data analysis performed by the operator and engineers and then takes appropriate responses to common problems such as paraffin buildup, over/under pumping, gas lock/interference and sticking pumps.


How does an Autonomous Rod Pump Work?


Sensors are placed on rod pumps for each well to collect data into Emerson's Zedi Cloud SCADA platform then viewed in Emerson Zedi Access.


Our cloud based platform is built for oil and gas producers for remote SCADA monitoring, control and optimization at the well pad- regardless of the field device used at the site. 


Autonomous oil production operationsAs data arrives into Zedi Access, the analytics engine will analyze pump cards and other data and will indicate its assessment on a dashboard. Once an anomaly is identified, the analytics engine will autonomously correct the situation by issuing commands to the Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) remotely, allowing companies to better utilize personnel's time on other operational areas.


Corrective actions consist of sequences of commands to the VFD to adjust the stroke rate as needed just as an operator would do based on the type and severity of the anomaly. It is worth noting that our autonomous rod pump solution comes with all the benefits that Emerson Zedi Access can offer, such as alarming. In our case an alarm would be triggered if an anomaly is detected.

Our autonomous rod pump dashboards show relevant data and health status of the pump, e.g. pump cards, pump fill, rod loads, current stroke rate, type of anomaly detected, target stroke rate as set autonomously by the AI engine, etc.

Benefits of Autonomous Rod Pump 


Companies with high-output wells would benefit most from our solution. Some key benefits include:

  • Reduce unexpected downtime and resulting workover costs, through automatically responding to changes in operating conditions and alerting operators to potential issues
  • Maximize production using the least amount of capital  
  • Minimize the effort required to retrofit the well and keep it running with the highest possible output
  • Increase safety within your organization through enabling reduced site visits and less windshield time
  • Use the smallest number of resources to add these additional lift capabilities to the wells and operate the well, given that labor is a significant proportion of operating costs, especially in remote locations

Operators have many wells to monitor and control, and not enough time to respond to all situations. Your organization can now reduce the time spent analyzing data with our machining learning capabilities that enable our solution to identify anomalies and provide quick corrective responses.


Call us today and let our team demonstrate our Autonomous Rod Pump solution for your company’s operations!



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