How the cloud can expedite operational project timelines

Posted by Nate Lane


“Zedi is light years ahead of the competition!” This statement has become a common theme at our client meetings. Producers urgently require the deployment of a proven digital strategy; however, implementation has historically lagged for weeks, months or even years when working with other vendors.

These producers typically receive conflicting information on exactly what is involved in the deployment, what is needed from them, the timing of it all, and what their technology partner is truly capable of bringing to the table to help with it all.

We set out to change that.

We've been simplifying the process of optimizing production data for years, providing many levels of cloud-based solutions with huge success. Based on feedback from the industry, we understand just how important project time-frames are to your business, and how to meet or exceed your wildest requests along the way.

It’s easy to get excited about working with cloud based solutions when our clients are already so pleased. For them, this represents an end to having to worry about software implementation, different skills and learning curves. Working with our Project Managers takes away other worries like which sensors, communication service, information packaging and availability, budgets, training—and on and on. Our clients appreciate our strengths because it lets them focus on their core business.


After our team efficiently gathers and assesses information, we’ll know what sensors, communication packages, and software will be best-practice for a certain situation. Our analysis focuses on both reliability and economy, so that our clients get exactly what is needed without breaking their budget. We make sure that the project utilizes vendors that provide the best products and services.

We’re able to execute so quickly because we’ve assembled engineering design, industry best practices, and of course; the fast and easy to deploy cloud platform into a repeatable yet easily customizable process.

Here’s the basic list of just some of the features our team can rapidly get on our cloud platform:

Because Zedi is a Software as a Service (SaaS), not a purchased one time software that will always need your help from IT to keep it updated, we can quickly implement changes when they are needed.

Additional equipment or meter runs? No problem - Our solution grows to fit any facility, growth targets and M&A activity in a heartbeat, all while keeping your team presented with the most current, updated, evergreen version at all times.


Flexibility is key for industries, and it’s one of our primary focus areas.


If you’ve already started a project and decide it would be better to go cloud, or simply ADD cloud abilities on top of your current systems as a back up system or decide your team needs to work with more mobility than what you already have in place, our platform can benefit you, too! We can work with the equipment you already have in the field, or help guide you on what could be better, more efficient and impactful to your profit margin.

Of course, the perfect complement to an efficient project is a scalable, like our easy-to-use cloud SCADA system. Sync data to our cloud-based SCADA service, Zedi Access, to streamline the data acquisition and control requirements for your field. 



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