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Posted by Amy Thibault
Amy Thibault



If the year 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that technology is no longer the wave of the future; it's right now. It’s all around us, and the oil and gas industry is in the middle of it.

Most oil and gas producers have known that implementation of automation, with remote monitoring and control, and accurate, analyzed data would be more efficient leading to reduced downtime and boosting profitability. But 2020 showed us that having employees work remotely was not only possible, it was necessary.

The growing importance of technology for the immediacy of control and actionable data is changing the workforce. It’s prioritizing those who can deliver usable data for faster, better oil and gas production decisions.

Technology built for the oil and gas industry 

We’ve been leading the way in combining tech and oil production for decades, and we can easily help you bridge the gap in your production company without all the complexity of the challenges involved that often slow you down.

Today it’s much more than being able to notice a leak, or that a tank is full, shut in a well or manipulate valves to reroute water. Cutting-edge E&Ps now use detailed reporting to determine decline rates, predict failures, schedule preventive maintenance and speed accounting processes such as billing and paying. We have also developed Zedi Autonomous Rod Pump Management - so your rod pumps can fix themselves; all from knowing what you would normally so in certain circumstances to fix it yourself. The list of uses and applications with proven results for data is growing every day.


Every industry is using data scientists helped by artificial intelligence and machine learning to capture every ounce of production and every dollar available. You may be asking yourself “Great, but how do I, as a small or mid-size producer, get all these data-savvy people on board?” You’ll be glad to know that you don’t have to.


Powered by people

We already have those very talented people, and they’re over-the-top excited about helping you. Our only goal is to get you exactly the results you need, whether you’re starting from scratch, adding another layer of technology, integrating a new field, or modernizing an already extensive system.

It starts with you explaining to us where you are now and where you want to be. We’ll create a proposal, transparently explaining everything we’re going to do and what that will cost—and what we expect it to save you, so you can make a clear decision—and modify it if needed.

In many ways, technology is already the sea we swim in—all of us. We’re using smartphones to adjust the thermostat, pay bills and warm up the car, so why not use them for wellsite alerts, monitoring production and scheduling PMs?

Considered that way, the workforce has already embraced technology. All that’s happening now is that it’s getting ever more useful and productive. Let Emerson's Zedi IioT platform and SaaS Solutions show you how it can quickly and easily help you work smarter and boost production because tomorrow matters to us all, today.

Autonomous oil and gas production journey


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