Be the Captain of your boat

Posted by Amy Thibault on Sep 26, 2019 4:14:35 PM

Do you remember that old joke "Pete and Repeat went on a boat ride. Captain IconPete fell off, so who was left?" The answer was of course is "Repeat" and therefore the kid telling the joke would once again repeat the first line, and on and on... I'm often haunted by that horrible joke almost as if the joke is truly on me when I tackle mind-numbing tasks like laundry; wash, dry, fold, put away and then do it again, and again, and again...

I think about Pete and Repeat on that boat. I can't help but wonder where was the Captain of that boat? Why didn't the Captain step in and direct them both to hunker down, and grab a hold to stop falling off?

They needed a Captain of that boat to step in and stop all that crazy!

All this really does lead me to a question for you; how many times do you enter production data? Many producers have stopped playing the repeat game and implemented field automation, SCADA and cloud data storage. It has helped to tame the roaring of diesel engines carrying trucks to distant well sites every day, then driving back with scribbled-down readings—which are handed off for manual data entry, maybe several times into separate systems. Which can lead to entry errors and conflicting numbers.

More and more, companies are freeing up their people for a better way—a more productive way than driving everywhere, entering data repeatedly and printing out reams of paper for meetings and reports.

Today, all that data can be collected in real time (every second or so) by on-site sensors, collected in the Zedi Cloud and instantly populated into reports available in the field, at the office—every office—and even at home or at the store. The Zedi Cloud SCADA team makes all that possible without requiring a huge up-front capex and without weeks or months of decisions and waiting for installation.

When all that collected data is on the cloud, in Zedi Access, you have the freedom to see your field results up close—daily, even hourly—or from the bird’s-eye view of a year, two years or however long ago you started automating your data collection.

Now that's being a Captain!

All your reports draw from the same data base, so you have the freedom to massage it however you need it. We offer a number of reports you can use right away or easily make personalized modifications.

Captain IconThat database is securely encrypted to guard against cyber-crime, and is redundantly backed up so that no matter what happens, your data is always coming in from the field and flowing out to those that need it. Our team makes sure it's up to date with the latest best practice everything so you don't have to hire on a whole new team to keep it all current.

The cloud lets distant offices share data, not just for reporting, but also for meeting. A conference call or video conference where everyone is seeing the same reports, graphs and numbers as everyone else, in real time, leads to better, faster reactions and even proactive decisions.

Through Zedi Go (our smartphone app), this data is available away from the office. Thinking of calling the regional VP in from vacation because of a problem? How about, instead, he or she takes a few minutes out of their ski trip to see the data on their phone, make some suggestions, then hits the slopes? Everyone gets exactly what they need in real time, saving real money on travel, safety, printing, postage and everyone's level of sanity.

The connectivity the cloud allows us to free ourselves (and your crew) from the Pete and Repeat crazy and gives us the Captain to our boat that we can all know has us going in the right direction. Be the Captain of your boat and stop all the repeat crazy; save your team from sinking in paperwork, time and repeating the same mind-numbing tasks all while everyone gets the data they need when and where they need it.

Putting your data on the Zedi cloud puts you in the Captains seat of efficiency, productivity and connectivity.


Topics: Production Data, Oil and gas production software, SaaS SCADA