Operational reporting with Zedi Vital

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Operational reporting is imperative for any business, regardless of size or industry. Reports provide a means to track and analyze your operations' performance and overall health while identifying areas for improvement and insights for future growth.Increase chart Icon

Consistent reporting and monitoring of operations inform senior management and other stakeholders about what is happening within their organization.

With Emerson's Zedi Cloud SCADA solutions, we offer our oil and gas customers a scalable cloud-based platform that supports any digital monitoring hardware for real-time operational production data.

Once your data is collected, you can quickly access it through our web-based application Emerson's Zedi Access. Through Zedi Access, your production data can be pushed to Zedi Vital, our field capture system, to enhance your operations reporting capabilities.

Advanced reporting made easy 

Zedi Vital allows oil and gas producers to collect and analyze all their daily production data. It replaces a pencil and paper and complicated spreadsheets. When using the application, producers gain a clearer picture of their day-to-day field operations and make informed decisions to benefit their daily actions or long-term endeavors.

For example, suppose a company collects its data on paper or in spreadsheets. Suddenly, they are asked to provide all their sales tickets throughout the company for six months. It could take hours, days, or even weeks to get all the information. With Zedi Vital, they can have that information in seconds by using our specially designed "Ticket History" reports or creating their custom report that extracts only the data they select.

The outcome of your reports when using Zedi Vital can explain why an issue has occurred or may identity performance problems helping your organization decide the best course of action for these issues within your operations.

Reports of all your operational needs 

Different reports will provide distinct value for all functional areas of your organization. Some examples of reports you can extract from Zedi Vital include:


Well Production Report shows the daily oil, gas, condensate, and water production for all wells in the selection, for each day in the date range.


Downtime Summary Report is a graphical report that shows downtime hours for the selected wells and the reasons for that downtime. Additionally, it displays a list of the ten wells in the selection that have the largest downtime amount.


The Field Production Report is variance summary report shows the production for each field and area in the company and compares that production (in BOEs) to the output for the previous period in gross difference and percent difference. 


The DOI (division of interest) Report shows the divisions of interest for each site in the active report during the date range selected.


Increase chart IconOur application has over 100 pre-made reports that can be select from the following three sections audit, production, and production accountant reports.


Learn more about utilizing Zedi Vital to capture all your daily production data to create reports that will provide actionable insights into your organization's performance.




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