Creating a digital workforce for your operations

The next wave of technological advancements is emerging. New technologies are expected to reduce the number of workers required to perform specific tasks while increasing demand for other skills.

digital workforce


A digital workforce is a workforce with personnel focused on high-value tasks and empowered with actionable data from digital technologies and services that lead to improved decision-making in daily operations. Similarly, a digital worker is considered an individual that applies actionable data from digital technologies and services to make improved decisions, automate manual functions, increase productivity, or convert information into revenue. 


More talent will be retiring in the next couple of years, making it more crucial than ever for you to strategize your workforce by upskilling your people to continue running operations effectively.

New wave of digital skills


The use of advanced technologies is increasing the speed of operations, allowing fewer workers to do more.


Technologies ranging from automated systems that run oilfield facilities remotely from offices in other countries, to artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance or replace human decision-making. These technologies are driving the next wave of efficiencies, safety, and productivity improvements.


Integrating technology is changing the skills required across many occupations. For Example, oil and gas field workers need more computer and analytical skills, as paper documents are being eliminated and more analytics are harnessed to analyze and improve productivity. 


Data analytics will help increase the speed of operations, which could then reduce the number of workers required. Machining learning, meanwhile, is becoming the skill of central importance among workers today.


Change the way your people work 


As a technology provider, Emerson has a unique perspective as we build and create technology tools that enable an upskilled workforce.


Digital transformation encompasses more than the implementation of technologies; it drives the adoption of best-in-class behaviors and enables cultural and behavioral change within an organization, helping create and empower a digital workforce. However, the forgotten element of digital transformation is the impact on people and productivity, as well as the upskilling that will be needed.


Ensuring personnel has access to training in flexible formats increases proficiency with the technology and processes they interact with daily. This means adopting approaches that empower workers to acquire knowledge or experience faster and more effectively.


Through a digital transformation of your equipment, systems, and processes, you can more efficiently address factors that lead to systems downtime and take steps to increase asset uptime and meet performance expectations. 


With Emerson's Zedi Cloud SCADA Solutions, we help you manage vast amounts of data in our cloud based platform so your personnel can convert them into actionable information and make more informed decisions in your operations. They can also leverage devices and process diagnostics and machine learning functionality to push more predictive maintenance functions and reduce downtime with advanced analytics. People Icon


Zedi Cloud SCADA solutions can easily integrate with other Emerson value improvement practices and solutions to supplement onsite expertise and allow more equipment to be self-managed with local applications so that you can free up your personnel to perform other critical tasks. 


We also offers specialized Project and Change Management services where we help you combine strategies, processes, tools, and expertise to simplify and accelerate the development of operational best practices for your automation and software solution projects. 


Learning how advanced technologies can help your company is the first step to understanding the future skills required for your workforce and operations. 




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