Four things to consider before self-hosting your SCADA system

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Awhile back a friend decided to replace a leaky faucet himself and save some money. He thought the faucet was screwed on, so he grabbed a wrench and started twisting away.

After a couple of turns the faucet broke off, spewing water everywhere. It was sweated instead of screwed on, so he had to turn off all the water to the house and then call a plumber to fix his mistake. It would’ve been faster and simpler to have farmed out the work in the first place.

We hear this often from small to midsize companies who’ve imagined it would be smart to create and host their own SCADA wellsite automation system instead of having us implement and maintain one for them. Often they come back a few weeks later and say, “You were right—can you help us now?”

To avoid this, here are four reasons to let us implement and maintain your SCADA system.

1. There is no huge up-front investment. Buying sensors and transmitters, paying for programming (using in-house people our outsourcing, it’s still a lot of man-hours) and all up-front is a huge investment. And there are often surprises; more sensors than you thought, the less expensive types don’t work as advertised, programming takes longer and is buggier—you get the picture.

When we do the implementation you’re just paying a reasonable monthly fee that is graduated depending on the size of your system, but it’s only a fraction of the cost to buy everything in a lump sum payment.


2. We do the planning. We’ve done this before. We’ll look at your sites and the equipment—and we’ll listen to what you tell us you need from your SCADA system. Data? Automation? Custom reports? Remote data availability? Data redundancy? Yes! Knowing all that, we’ll know exactly how to get you what you need quickly and efficiently. There will be no employee days spent figuring out anything. 

3. Your system stays current. That’s the hidden cost of doing it yourself—constantly upgrading software and hardware. When we host, we upgrade as needed, in small increments, at no extra cost to you—and usually with little to no interruption.

4. Your system keeps working. We do the maintenance, too. No worries about your IT person being on vacation or maternity leave—if a problem arises, we may know and fix it even before you realize there’s an issue. For your data, there’s full system redundancy so we always have your data secured.

And with Zedi Go™, Zedi Access™ and a host of other ready-to-use applications, you can see and respond to field issues quickly, minimizing down time and repair costs, increasing efficiency. Easy-to-read data is available wherever you are and whatever device you’re using—mobile, laptop, desktop, etc.

Using Emerson's Zedi SaaS SCADA, you can forget about SCADA issues and concentrate on your core business.

We make it so easy, there’s no reason to spend time and money creating a system yourself.

Call and let us show you how easy we can make it.



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