IIoT to get all humans and machines on the same page

Posted by Amy Thibault on Aug 28, 2017 11:33:06 AM

What if we could help you know about production issues instantly—anywhere in the world? 
What if all pertinent personnel got that information in an easy-to-read dashboard at the same time? 

What if that same information system helped valves and pumps self-monitor so they required less oversight?

You’re probably familiar with remote monitoring and control through hardware and software that collect and analyze data then issue reports. Collectively this is known as the Industrial Internet of Things, or IIoT.  It allows people and machines to maximize efficiency, boosting production and reduce the people hours involved so you can focus on more important things.

Maybe you’re concerned that it’s too complicated or that there’s too much data to keep up with. With some companies’ systems, that’s a real concern.

I recently had a great, informative conversation with Adin Nand, a Manager with the Customer Solutions Engineering team here at Zedi.  He knows how to speak my language, I'm certainly no Engineer!  When he explains something to me it always make so much mroe sense than just reading it somewhere.

Our Production Monitoring and Optimization System (PMOS), gets the right information into the right hands instantaneously. This empowers you and your people to be more efficient and to make quicker, more informed decisions.

We’ve made it really easy to see up-to-the-minute production data at any time. Was there a repair on a certain well? As soon as it comes back online you’ll know. Did production stop suddenly on another well? Our PMOS system will send an alarm so technicians can be sent out immediately with the right tools and parts to get it back up and running quickly.

You get all this information through our secure satellite network—anywhere in the world and on any device you authorize.

Where it’s appropriate we can set valves to self-monitor, keeping flow rates steady without constant human intervention. Then we set alarms to notify the right people if flow rates can’t be maintained for any reason.

With dashboards, we can set up exactly the information each individual needs to see.

A field tech isn’t seeing accounting data unless there’s a ticket question or something that needs his attention. Executives see summaries of production, revenue and expenses—but they can search details if there’s something that raises a question.


We can help you organize data any way you want it.  By region, by well, by pumper, by production level, by repair cost, by calendar—by golly, we can get exactly what you need!

Yep, there’s plenty of data out there, but our dashboards will filter out what you don’t need to track. We supply the hardware, the software, the installation and the training, wherever you need it. If there’s a question about any of it, you only have to call us to get an answer.

Why are we so good at this, and so complete? We’ve been expanding and fine-tuning our PMOS system since the inception of remote monitoring. We have more experience at this than anybody.

On the other hand, we’re never satisfied—we’re ready to listen to you and to see how we can improve your data collection and flow. That will let you empower your people to new heights of efficiency.

*Based on a conversation with Adin Nand, Manager, Customer Solutions Engineering

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