Effectively merge SCADA data

Posted by Amy Thibault on Sep 9, 2020 12:15:00 PM


Mergers and acquisitions are a part of life in the oil patch in any economic environment. 

Sometimes those transactions are fast and furious making our heads spin because of the amount of opportunity they can quickly deliver.

The steps taken after the sales transaction has occurred are what really determines the value of the long term return. Sure it was hard work putting the 'deal' together and making sure everything was in alignment before you even signed the dotted line. But, as with so many things in life, that was just the beginning of way more work, way more time, and way more attention needed to every detail to be sure the true value is realized and your previous efforts (and money) were well spent.


"Merging businesses or people is easy" said no one ever! But it can be done well and effectively if you have the right processes in place. You'll have a lot on your plate and be working on how to best merge two separate accounts, purchasing, cultures, insurance, taxes and so much more - the list is endless and it's easy to get caught up in simply checking the boxes to get things done without actively and thoroughly thinking the details of each piece to be sure you're doing what is truly best for your organization as a whole.

The great news is that we can help you quickly and easily merge your current and newly acquired SCADA data and operations into one to get you all the valuable production data you need quickly and efficiently to get things headed in the right direction.


Pulling it all together 

Some decisions may seem overwhelming—do you accept an existing system and train current employees on that system, or retrain the newcomers on your current system—or do you spend tens of thousands of dollars replacing their monitoring system with your own, along with even more time and money figuring out how to merge two different databases of historical data?

Merging SCADA data from two or more systems

We love those kinds of issues because we have something that hardly anyone else has—the ability to merge legacy systems and all that valuable data into one, easy-to-use, evergreen platform - no matter where the data comes from. We can also merge SCADA systems, so you don’t have to spend tens of thousands of dollars replacing the hardware on either side of the two companies you are trying to bring together as one.

We start by thoroughly analyzing your existing system(s) and doing all the programming required to merge it all seamlessly. We make sure all the information transfers in just the way you need it to.


Get up and running quickly and easily 

In most cases we’ve already seen a system like yours and the newly acquired system too, and have solved the equation many times over, so we can get you up and running quickly, both with historical data and real-time monitoring and control. These days you can’t afford any downtime even for historical data, so you can hit the ground running with analyzing past performance as part of planning your next moves.

Zedi Access™ has all your data on the cloud, available to only the people you authorize anytime, anywhere they need it. Better yet - with Zedi Go™, they can see it on any mobile device.

Here it is in a nutshell: We can help you connect and manage all those disparate systems, across all your properties, in a single user-friendly platform. And if you’ve inherited properties with no SCADA or automation whatsoever, our team can also bring those fields up to speed quickly so you're not missing a beat (or an alarm, or any other important information you need).

New clients are sometimes surprised that we’re not selling a pre-defined, out-of-the-box system; that we’re “hardware agnostic,” meaning we’re ready to work with any sensors and devices as long as they’re getting the job done for you.  Our energy is completely focused on helping you succeed.

For you, that means streamlined reporting, decision making, monitoring, control, alarms, seamless evergreen enhancements, 24/7 support, and linking all departments and locations to the same user data and so much more.

That's a check box easily handled so you can totally focus on all the other pieces in your new challenge.


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