Pumping your smartphone with well data for upload—that’s Zedi Go!

Posted by Ed Moore on Sep 6, 2018 9:00:00 AM

Many pumpers are still collecting their data in a tally book, a reading sheet, or wrestling with a laptop in their truck on a remote—and hot (or freezing cold)—well site. Often times those pages get lost, aren't readable, and even have transposed numbers. Ahh yes, and the coffee stains, or illegible handwriting. Then chalk up the time it takes to decipher those numbers and input into your computer system.

Now all that data can be easily entered and stored on a device your pumpers already have, and cling to like it was their oxygen supply—their smart phone.

After months of planning and programming, we’ve launched a cool new feature of Zedi Go, our smartphone app.

Now your pumpers can easily input tank and meter readings, gas chart estimates, compressor readings, chemical usage and pretty much anything they take readings on. 

It’s easily to customize. We have several templates that handle typical wells, such as those with two oil tanks and one water tank, but you can put together something that works for you. It’s customer friendly, but at the start you may want to call us to walk you through it.

Typically, readings are set up in two columns. On the left is the place for current entries and on the right are the previous readings. That way it’s easy for the pumper to tell how today’s readings relate to previous ones in every category. That way they’ll know when to either double check the readings or to know that something’s wrong.

Once the readings are taken, your pumper’s same cell phone, which has stored data while out on remote, cell-signal-free locations, can upload it to the database upon the re-connection with a signal. If you’re already on our Zedi Access platform, your data is securely propagated to all the reports that need it—on the cloud for everyone who’s authorized to see it.

In a perfect world, all your wells and equipment would be connected to sensors and fully automated. But some wells are not going to pay back that expense—stripper wells, wells you’re planning to sell or abandon—these are best read the old ways. There can be other reasons, but you get the picture.

For those cases, Zedi Go Data Entry bridges the gap between humans and machines.

Data goes directly into the forms you’ve created, on the pumper’s smart phone (no need for paper or separate input devices), then easily uploads at day’s end or whatever the appropriate schedule.

Office staff will love this system too. They might even take pumpers for coffee instead of wanting to pull their ears off because of illegible scribbles.

Zedi Go is available for download on iOS and Android


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