Create measurement schematics with ease

Posted by Chris Quigley on Sep 16, 2020 12:45:00 PM

Measurement schematics are often required by local, state or country Governments to ensure measurement, Schematic for law oil and gas productionaccounting, and reporting compliance and are visual tools showing the current physical layout of facilities. Schematics should be regularly reviewed and used by groups such as operations, engineering, and accounting to ensure a common understanding.


The Alberta Energy Regulator (AER)states "The operator is responsible for creating, confirming, and revising any measurement schematics. The schematics must be used by Operations and Production Accounting to ensure that the reported volumes follow the AER reporting and licensing requirements. How the required information is shown on a measurement schematic is up to the operator to decide. The schematic must be clear and comprehensive. A master copy of the measurement schematic must be retained at a central location and previous versions must be stored for a minimum of 18 months." 


Easily meet AER regulations


Using Emerson's Zedi Measurement Schematic application makes it easier to meet these regulations. Get access to an easy-to-use online tool, ensuring you have a complete process to create, approve, and continually update measurement schematics. 


Schematic for law oil and gas productionCompanies can access Zedi Measurement Schematics applications through Emerson's Zedi Access, a cloud-based platform built for oil and gas producers for remote SCADA monitoring, control, and optimization at the well-pad.


Easy integration allows companies to get an accurate view of the production from any field device reporting to Zedi Access. Use your schematics to troubleshoot production issues by looking at real-time data or viewing a 7-day trend.


Companies that also utilize Emerson's Zedi Composition Management, a web-based tool to assist with their sampling program, can link sample points on schematics to view recent gas analysis. 



Create, approve and store in one central location 


Our application provides a drag and drop with an easy to use drawing toolbar allowing you to choose from a library of standardized symbols to help you create schematics that meet regulatory requirements and provide peace of mind in the event of an audit. As well, you can leverage existing schematics as templates for quick and easy building of future schematics.


All changes are updated in the revision history and stored securely on the Emerson's Zedi Cloud Platform. You have unlimited storage, making it the ideal application to choose as your company's central location required by the AER. After revisions are made, automatic workflows inform others of the changes and send the schematics to the appropriate stakeholder for approval. Access your schematics, anytime, anywhere, from any web-enabled device.


Finally, our company provides on-going training with 24/7 customer care support for all our software solutions customers. Ask for a free demo today to start creating, tracking, and approving your company's measurement schematics with ease to meet regulatory obligations 



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