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How do you like working from home? Since our world turned upside down I think it's been easier for some of us to adjust than others to remain, or even become more productive. Most of which completely depends on how you access your files and data to continue to WOW the boss, even in the strangest of times when people are told we have to stay home.

You need your files and data to all be easily visible from top to bottom without relying on thumb drives, portable hard drives, old drives, or clunky undependable drives that should have been replaced years ago or, worst of all—boxes of paper files (I'm cringing at the thought of that one)!

I'm suggesting the cloud for not only strange times likes these, but also from some very bad personal experiences of my own including crashed hard drives, thumb-drives that you forgot at the office two hours away, or all those files that were on your laptop that got taken from your locked vehicle... Needless to say, none of these situations are ideal to keep your personal production going.

If everything is on the cloud, you and all your home-officing teammates and in the field coworkers will have the same data to access and interact with from anywhere even for all those online video conferences, sharing reports and for verification or correction.


It's all there, exactly where and when you need it.

Emerson's Zedi IIoT platform gives you all that for production and more. Things like immediate reports on pumps, tanks, compressors (and more) so you can make adjustments remotely or, when necessary, dispatch a technician to the site.

And with our mobile app; Zedi Go, that same technician can file a report on actions taken at the site, or get an alarm sent to set users when any problems arise.

It's always important to field people located in the middle of any producing basin—Permian, Williston, DJ, Eagle Ford, etc.— keep the office people up to date, able to compare notes, see actual production values even with the home office in Houston, the UK, France or wherever. Even that's easy now! With Zedi Access, everybody is looking at the same data in real time. Now that might be the middle of the night, depending on the time zone, but the time is real wherever you might be.

What if you don't have cloud computing?

If you’ve had to download files from an office server, you’ll have to remember to upload your files at the end of the day, or before the next reporting deadline —and I hope you’re the only one working on that file, so one of you doesn’t erase the other’s changes.

With Emerson's Zedi Access, there’s one file and it hosts everyone’s work in real time.

If you don't have Zedi Access then when you need to generate reports on your computer, you’ll need to save the file in the right format, then send it to the email list you have (did you remember to attach the file the first time) and hope that the email list is still current and that everyone’s checking their email and that the spam filter didn’t get hyperactive right about the time you hit ‘send.’

With Zedi Access, it’s all on the server, ready for whoever is authorized to use it, whenever they log in.

Then there’s security. While your in-house server may seem more secure because it’s in the office, the truth is that if it’s available for login at all, then its security still depends on how well your IT people have secured it.

With Zedi Access, our first priority is always your data security, keeping it current up to the second.

We’re here to make your work convenient and efficient, wherever you’re officing today.

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