3 easy steps to understanding well site automation

Posted by Tomer Berkovich on Jan 29, 2018 2:35:00 PM

Albert Einstein, as you may recall, was pretty good at understanding complex stuff like, say, the makeup of the universe, quantum physics and the like.

It’s interesting that he’s the one who said that if you didn’t understand something well enough to explain it to your grandmother, you didn’t really understand it.

Well, I like to think of myself as something of an oilfield automation expert—I‘m even able to successfully explain automation to my Grandma, who totally ‘gets it’ now. So I hope I can explain its benefits to you in three basic steps. I’m simplifying because I know you’re really busy.

wellsite automation easy steps

1. Install sensors and onsite equipment

2. Install the Zedi Go app on your phone and/or Zedi Access on your computer

3. Make more money

Think I’m oversimplifying? Well, maybe—there is a bit of a learning curve and a reasonably monthly fee.

But it can be as simple as you want it. Even with just a tank level monitoring system, you’re slashing costs and boosting safety at every well site where it’s installed.

No more sending a pumper out there every day when, in most cases, he’s going to say it all looks great. Over a year’s time, that’s thousands of miles saved.

It’s thousands of gallons of diesel not used—lots of oil not changed and lots of tires not blown out or worn out on lunar-like lease roads.

More importantly, it’s keeping more of your team safer, not on the roads means less chances taken.

It’s possibly thousands of barrels of production you’re ahead. No more will you hope your pumper happened to arrive within a few minutes of a shutdown, leak, tank overflow or other problem so he could minimize the damage.

You’ll know the second something like that happens, so you can send the nearest guy out there in the blink of an eye.

Depending on the extent of your monitoring system—we can provide any level you need—you may even know exactly what the issue is, so your techs can get your production back up and running in a few minutes.

I do know you’re busy, but let’s quickly review. This means: More money from production, means less money going to windshield time, and that equals more profits.

You’re hearing more and more people talk about oilfield automation at trade shows, at lunch, at the first tee. They’re talking about how their bottom line is better, and probably how their safety record has improved due to fewer road miles and windshield hours and less white stripe hypnosis.

Now you can be the person in that same conversation that proudly explains well set automation in three easy to understand steps (and who to call to get the job done right)! If you can explain it to your Grandma too then you’re ready for your well sites to become automated. Easy as that.



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