Find a secure home for your data

Posted by Amy Thibault


You may be someone who already is aware that your data is best available to your employees on the cloud to continue to delivering stronger results. Everyone gets level-appropriate access during the day or at midnight, in the office or in Katmandu.

But with it that available, ‘How secure is it?’ you may want to know.

Instead of just saying, “Trust us,” we’ll share some of the extensive steps we take to make sure your data is very safe, both from intruders and from forces of nature. After all, we hold that data in trust for our customers and we don't take security lightly.

Safety from Loss

In the old days, your server might be in a back room where the power cord could come unplugged when the cleaning crew reached for the buffer. Hopefully you’re way past that.

We are way, way past it.

We use encrypted communication channels from our industry-leading data center all the way out to edge devices. We actively monitor the platform for any anomalies. All the time.

Data security is embedded in the system itself. We grant you two-factor authentication to set up for your authorized company users.We also give you options to configure password complexity; the more complex, the harder a password is to guess or figure out, as you can imagine. We can also provide account expiration time frames and account locking.

This helps if you have a temporary worker or a client who needs into certain data for a limited time. Expiration setting mean you don’t have to remember to remove or lock the account at the designated time. If a job lasts longer, you can always extend the expiration.

Privileges to your authorized users are set by the asset, or what that person can see, and by function, or what that person can do in the system. Role-level auditing gives you a trail of who did what when. I’m sure you can imagine how that can reduce questions, not just about security but about how your people can react to a variety of situations, and the results of those actions. This is a very useful tool!

To verify that all of our own doors are closed to intruders, we fully incorporate both internal and third-party penetration testing, on a regular basis, to identify any weak points in our system protocols. We immediately address anything that might ever be found in one of those audits.

All this is light years ahead of the backroom server, or at your home office. It’s all planned to keep your data protected from outsiders and always available to every authorized insider who needs it—anytime, anywhere. Our updates happen without your people even needing to reboot, yet they always have the most up to date, secure data and version to work within.





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