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Posted by Community Contributor on Aug 4, 2020 12:15:00 PM

For any software development to be successful, it usually requires SaaS trial for oil and gas producers in Cloud SCADAthe participation of all those involved!

At Emerson Automation and Software Solutions, we help global oil and gas producers be productive, profitable, and sustainable. Thanks to technology supported by consulting and expert services, we offer complete solutions for our customers. 

How to participate in software trials 

By participating in Emerson Zedi software trials, customers can test and review new features and provide feedback before our development team finalizes anything.

We want our automation and software solutions to deliver valuable benefits to our customers and ask them to participate in our trials to help us identify discrepancies in the process, saving Emerson Zedi on development time.

Our development team carefully selects customers who would most benefit from participating in our usability testing of new features this way the right personnel can provide more informed input into our software developments and easily demonstrate the benefits of the new features to your team.

All training is provided 

During our trials, we provide the necessary training required to all personnel and allow your company to test our new or updated feature for a month long trial. After testing is completed, your personnel will provide final feedback and questions to our team. Our customer feedback helps us make the proper adjustments required to move forward with development of the feature.

SaaS trial for oil and gas producers in Cloud SCADAWe encourage all customers to stay informed about upcoming trials through our blog, emails, and LinkedIn page. If companies are unable to participate, please give us a call to set up a time to demonstrate the new features with your staff.

We are committed to cultivating our customer's user experience with our software solutions and know the only way to improve is through our customers.

For information on a current trial, click on the link below. 

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