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Field Data Capture (FDC) is the gathering and analysis of manually enteredField Data into computer for oil and gas production or electronically uploaded data from field equipment. Oil and gas facilities have hundreds of metering points. Multiple departments within an organization require the data from these metering points.

Some of the field data is necessary to meet government reporting requirements. Data must be collected on time and accurately to reassure the recipients of the data’s validity.

Emerson's Zedi Vital for oil and gas producers 

Zedi Vital is an advanced field data capture system used by oil and gas producers to collect and analyze all their daily production data. Using the application, customers gain a clearer picture of their field operations and can make informed decisions to benefit their daily actions or long-term endeavors.

Field Data into computer for oil and gas productionAll of our Zedi applications are cloud-based, allowing access to critical data anytime, anywhere. With Zedi Vital you can collect information such as your production volumes (Oil, Gas, Water, and Condensate), pressures, temperatures, downtown, truck ticket information, tank gauges, meter readings, pump information, prorations factors (used for allocations), well test and site notes (comments). 

Capture production data anytime, anywhere 

You can capture your production data through various methods using Zedi Vital: 

Zedi Access Automated Import is software built for remote SCADA monitoring, control, and optimization at the well pad for oil and gas producers. Automatically integrate daily data collected In the Zedi Access platform directly into Zedi Vital, eliminating the need for manual data entry. Map data to individual meters, or straight to a well.

Third-party platforms- We can upload information from third-party platforms into Zedi Vital and automatically push data back out using automated web services and report subscriptions.

For example, a third-party data company that collects information from multiple sources pushes data to Emerson Zedi Vital. The application automatically consumes the data and assigns it to a well or meter. This option is excellent for third party wells (Joint Venture).

Custom Datasheets- Data Sheets are customizable data tables that can be attached to any of your locations in Zedi Vital. These allow you to manually collect any additional data that is not already being stored in Zedi Vital. You can extract this data from the application using pre-formatted or custom reports.

Manual Data Entry- Customers with no automation can use our software to reduce the use of multiple spreadsheets and manually enter data. Instead of having a hundred spreadsheets for various production data, your company can save time from managing spreadsheets and manually capture data using our software.

Manual Imports- Manually import your data, customers can have all their production data in one spreadsheet, which can then be imported into our software. Your company can do this on a weekly or monthly basis. This reduces data entry errors and saves time from manual data entry.

Let our software perform your calculations

Emerson's Zedi Vital software can perform some of the analytics and calculations necessary for your operator or engineer, giving them more time in the day to determine solutions for increasing profitability rather than figuring out calculations.

As your company grows, so does your data, which becomes unmanageable with spreadsheets, that’s why Zedi Vital allows you to collect production data all in one place.


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