Fast and easy SCADA for gas distribution

Posted by Najat Khalil on Nov 3, 2020 1:45:00 PM

Gas distribution organizations can quickly and easily increase safety and efficiency by hosting their data in Emerson's Zedi Cloud SCADA Cloud SCADA platform for Gas Distribution platform. We deliver automation, cloud platform and software as a service solutions for remote monitoring and operational control. 


Our intuitive, scalable cloud-based platform supports any digital monitoring hardware for real-time data with an aggregated view of operations. Our platform provides a flexible, secure solution for data acquisition, remote monitoring, remote control, and alarm management.




We simplify the connection between sensors to get you the data you need to make better business decisions. All communication is encrypted and secured with evergreen software and releases. When using our software, you’ll have many ways of sending and sharing data with other applications.


Your organization owns your data and has full access through our applications that require no installations, dependencies, firewall configurations, or other IT set up. 



What you'll love about Emerson's Zedi Cloud SCADA platform


Dashboards: You can build or request customized dashboards that will consolidate and visualize data for your organization. Dashboards help to quickly address problems as they emerge and reduce time gathering information. 


Live Data Screens: Build your own or request our service for live data screens. You’ll have several controls and widgets available, including an easy to use graphics package. 


Report Center: Build various reports for different departments and users. Our custom reports help to satisfy unique calculations and reporting needs with ease.


Zedi Go mobile app: Enter, monitor and manage your operational data from anywhere, anytime on our smartphone app.


Alarm management: Your personal will receive notifications through text message or email; based on the alarm type, personnel responsible for monitoring sites can make quick decisions and take immediate action.



Most of all, you'll love our people


Our people are exceptionally committed to your success, driven by our customer first culture and foundational belief in supporting our customers and each other to deliver the most effective solutions that generate more production, profits and sustainability.


We can utilize either an existing communication infrastructure or a new communication network easy and seamlessly to get you up and running in weeks, not months or even worse in some cases years. We provide Gas Distribution solutions to effectively monitor and control information and operations sites such as: 


Gas Measurement

  • Static/DP/Temp
  • Flow Rate/Energy Rate

Station Automation

  • PID Control

  • Limit Switch Monitoring

  • Remote Valve Control

  • Odorization and rates

  • Tank levels

  • Alarms

Gas Quality

  • Store/View GC data
  • GC Alarms

Facility Solutions

  • Tank Levels
  • Separators

Pressure Control

  • Pressure Alarming
  • Over Pressure Protection


Given the advances in new technology and many circumstances affecting the gas distribution industry, automating your operations and outsourcing your cloud-based software can have many advantages. Learn more about our Gas Distribution solutions today so your company can prepare for tomorrow!


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