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Keeping your operations continuously running smoothly is no small task; but especially if it involves remotely located assets that are hundreds, even thousands of miles from where you work on a daily basis. You don't have the same amount of talented skilled people to be sending them all over the countryside for no good reason anymore. You need to know exactly what's going on, and where before you can even think about scheduling one of your valuable resources to hit the road, jump on a flight or work all that overtime to get to the asset in need.

Outside the gate


Our IIoT platform was designed and built especially for all those industrial assets that live 'outside the gate'. Meaning many industrial applications all live within the nice, tight quarters of a plant. This makes total sense for many industries to set things up all in one easy to work in location, and it sure keeps things easier to operate and maintain, even with limited skilled staff. But, several other industries have assets that are scattered across towns, cities, state-lines and even oceans that are much more difficult to efficiently manage without spending all the profits to get it done right.



The great news here is that is exactly where the Zedi IIoT platform thrives - outside the gate of plants in some of the most remote locations you can possibly dream up; muddy back roads that are on top of mountains that have two seasons being mud season and ice season, or in the swamps of alligator infested waters that are hours to the nearest gas station, even in the middle of oceans where crews work for weeks on end without quick or easy access to well, anything at all.


You need correct and reliable data analytics and information that you can quickly make the right decisions to keep people, your investments and the environment all safe while still providing your organization the right margins to exceed expectations.


We work with any brand of automation hardware, and when it's set up at your location it takes readings at preset intervals for specific measures and sends your authorized end users reports with with depth analytics, actionable insights to enable preventative measures and also keep designated staff aware with customizable alarms set for preset parameters so they know exactly what's going on where, when and what they should move quickly on to repair, verses what can wait until the next scheduled trip to site for maintenance.




Our software is offered as a service so you don't have all the headaches of updates, security, or hardware problems bogging down your IT and comes with 24/7 support. Best of all, our SaaS was designed and developed in the cloud; or as some people say 'born in the cloud'. This isn't like some IIoT systems that are pieced together with duct tape and bubble gum to get them to 'be' in the cloud; no, we've got many years into this with experts that built our entire system IN the cloud, right from the very start so there isn't any pesky 'bugs' that need to be ironed out that may takes years to get it to work correctly in the cloud for your authorized end users to gain access to anytime, anywhere. It's straightforward, easy to use, and it works.


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