Increased safety and return for remote water management

Posted by Community Contributor on Feb 18, 2021 12:30:00 PM



The water management industry is an asset concentrated, rate-restricted industry requiring informed decision-making to effectively  balance increased safety with capital investment and operational expenses. Capital resources for the water industries can make it difficult to meet on-going challenges like aging infrastructure, declining revenues, retiring experienced workers, and regulations.

One way water companies can face these challenges is to find effective ways to utilize their current assets to increase return on investment and increase safety. Digitally transforming operations will rely on better use of existing data coupled with new sensors, information integration, and data analytics.

Emerson's Zedi Cloud SCADA Solutions offers advanced technology to provide water companies a logical, and practical answers to remain within capital budgets to meet these industry challenges.

Easy wins for your remote water management

  1. Update your existing SCADA system

Updating your SCADA system to Emerson's Zedi SaaS SCADA will allow for the consolidation of real-time operational information to be available when and where you need it, helping your personnel make more informed decisions. Our customers can view and control your water operations through our web interface, and you never have to worry about increased IT people to support, manage or update your system or software. This is what we call "evergreen updates" because it's 'set it and forget it' while we handle the rest!

  1. Minimum capital investment

Our Cloud SCADA platform usually requires very minimal capital investment. We can connect your existing RTU’s on to our platform using field gateways for remote monitoring and operations control. We will be your company’s sole provider for project management consultation, hardware, field services, platform training and commissioning of devices onto our platform. All this at a price point that works without any disruptions to your operations, high costs of change or investment. Our solutions help our customers save on time and money from dealing with multiple vendors.

  1. Data availability and reliability

You can easily get up and running quickly with our innovative sensor technologies that drive cost-friendly access with relevant, real-time data about operational areas such as safety, reliability, and optimization. The data that is displayed to you in an easy to understand format on the Zedi platform helps you set better targets and are more equipped to optimize processes and operations. You can securely import/export data to anyone with the appropriate authorization on your team. Once the data is securely obtained, it enables you to generate new insights that can be delivered via user-friendly dashboards for effective decision making.

  1. Reduce costs

Water utilities often carry high field service costs that can be addressed through increased remote system monitoring. Monitoring operations during overnight hours can be expensive and hard to find. With remote monitoring and control, you can use our platform to handle night positions with reliable alarm notifications. With alarm notifications, you can have limited staff onsite. Your operator can be more productive, monitoring plant conditions in one location while at another. Categorize your alerts, recognizing urgent responses from less immediate concerns. Alarm notifications are sent through calls, text messages and/or emails to your scheduled staff on-call.

Invest in a digital workforce

Investing in a digital workforce means your personnel are enabled to be focused on high-value tasks and empowered with actionable data from digital technologies and services can lead to improved decision making in operations. With solutions that can help with your water management challenges your company can strive for more effective asset management, efficient operations, and remote system management while reducing operating costs.


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