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Amy Thibault



The world moves pretty fast these days with all the constant change from every direction. To stay ahead of all the crazy it's important to consider all your options and then move quickly to implement your strategy into action.

It wasn't all that long ago many companies were faced with difficult decisions, and few of those difficult decisions are harder than layoffs. It's never an easy decision. But in a downturn, it’s a necessary evil to save the company as a whole—with great hope you can welcome those same talented people back when the inevitable upturn happens.

The hard truth is that before that upturn actually happens many of those talented people will have retired, switched career paths, started their own business or even traded their safety glasses in for sunglasses in a tropical paradise.

The real struggle then becomes one for you to figure out how will you handle the sudden increased workload when you do have more payroll dollars available. If you don't spread the workload you risk burning out the talented people who are still there—which could cause them to leave, creating even more challenges.

The reality of it all quickly pushes you to realize that the time for digital transformation is right now.

Aligning your strategy into action will get your people the data analytics and data management tools they need to do more than ever. When remote monitoring gives you real-time data on scattered, remotely located assets it means you only send people to the location for scheduled preventative maintenance, or an actual known issue (and sometimes not even then if you have some of our autonomous pieces in place that can fix the issue by itself). This means no more trips to east Oshkosh that's hours away just to see if everything’s okay.

Just a few people are quickly able to manage multiple sites, keeping them in even better condition than ever.

Accounting is more efficient because a single entry puts all data to one database. There’s no more re-entering for production, accounting, sales and management. With real time data and data analytics decisions can be made quickly, often preventing costly downtime, spills or other issues.

Labor shortage filled with skilled peopleYour current staff will be ecstatic because they can spend their time making decisions and heading off problems instead of tracking down data, doing manual spreadsheets and hoping they found an issue before it got too big.

With alarms set to your specifications, our platform scours millions of data-points the second they arrive—something not even a swarm of humans could manage—looking for exceptions that would trigger that alarm. The cloud system does the heavy data lifting so your people can focus their time, efforts and energy on making more core business decisions.

Other applications to consider working into your action plan are compressor monitoring, tank monitoring, composition monitoring, pipeline leak detection, remote alarm management and more. These are all opportunities we offer that make your people more efficient than ever before (even when you were fully staffed). We even offer our Project Management service to help get everything up and rolling on time and on budget.

Emerson’s Zedi Cloud platform fills every skilled people gap you may have in your operations. We can quickly help your current people make the most of each day. Contact us and learn how we can help.



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