Good vibrations for packaging manufacturer uptime

Posted by Amy Thibault


Over the past few years there has been an increase for packaging manufacturing all over the globe; many of us now order food to be delivered that comes in a special container to keep it warm (or cold). We order all sorts of things from Amazon, Lazada, Alibaba, or Otto; but it all comes in a special package to help it arrive safely in one piece, and the list goes on and on and continues to grow in popularity everyday.

But where does all that packaging come from to get us our goods in great condition without them looking like they were dragged through the mud?

This is where Packaging manufacturers come into the light; they create all the awesome packaging to be sure we get our orders in perfect condition; no matter what it is, or how far it traveled to get to us. These are the companies that make other companies shine since there is few other disappointments as receiving damaged goods as the end user/buyer.


Complex and heavy machinery can do lots of heavy lifting in the manufacturing and packaging industry, But unexpected failures can quickly, and all too often bring it all, literally to a grinding halt—especially when shorthanded factories no longer have enough personnel to listen for telltale sounds of impending problems.

Here’s how one packaging manufacturer partnered with Emerson's Zedi SaaS SCADA to provide flexible electronic monitoring and data analysis to quickly solve that issue for them.

One major packaging and printing manufacturer found itself too often dealing with unforeseen and costly failures in its large packaging equipment. As its processes are tightly integrated, unexpected downtime in one area can bring a larger process to a standstill—costing production delays and efficiencies, not to mention the repairs themselves.

Because of the huge reduction in available skilled workforce they no longer had enough employees to fill roles of listening for telltale vibrations warning of an impending equipment repair, to schedule maintenance in an orderly fashion.

Realizing that costly failures were costing them greatly in lost production, missed deadlines and unhappy customers they knew they must find a remote monitoring system that could be deployed quickly—and whose monitoring devices could be moved as needed.

Zedi SaaS SCADA partnered with a longtime service partner to install wireless vibration monitors in key locations at the facility. Those locations can change from time to time depending on what stage the process is at. So wireless communications were vital to the required mobility.

The sensors send their data to Zedi's cloud platform; Zedi Access. There, authorized employees have pre-set alarms designed to alert them when vibrations increase or change in a manner consistent with the lead up to previous equipment failures. These alarms allow them to schedule repairs or maintenance in an orderly fashion, with minimal interruption to the completion process.

After a quick equipment installation, and some fast and easy training on Zedi Access they soon had the data they needed, alarms activated on set thresholds and it quickly began providing strong return and highly desired outcomes by reducing down time and increasing profits and most importantly meeting deadlines and keeping their customers happy with correct, and ot-time orders.

The procedure has been so successful that the client expects to soon add pressure and temperature monitoring, giving them even more data useful in improving operating efficiency without regard to staffing levels.


The Future Is Not a Problem, It’s an Opportunity

Features like digital vibration monitoring are sending waves throughout the manufacturing industry on a daily basis. With tens of thousands of workers redefining work and leaving manufacturing and other industries, remote monitoring and data management are helping companies to do far more than just survive waves of change; but actually thrive in any market conditions and take on challenges with ease.

Those who embrace innovative tech, like Zedi’s software as a service are marching into a future that will make them even more efficient, and profitable. It will also allow their human workers to concentrate on planning and analysis that will further propel the company to the next level, without all the frustration of daily battles with equipment.



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