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Posted by Grand Lau

Government regulations mandate Oil and Gas companies to sample gas and liquids composition regularly. Production and operation staff must manage scheduling samples, verifying lab results, and submitting to regulatory bodies.lab data for oil and gas production

From coordinating sample collection to analyzing the results, you need a tool that performs core functionality well and helps you optimize your workflow to save time and money.

Emerson's Zedi Composition Management (ZCM), is a web-based application to help oil and gas companies organize their sampling program in a single repository, allowing them to streamline scheduling, approvals, notifications, and update end devices in the field.


Organize your sampling program


Zedi Access is a secure software as a service (SaaS) built intuitive, scalable cloud-based IIoT platform for remote SCADA monitoring, control and optimization at your site - regardless of the field device used with anywhere, anytime access to your data. The Zedi Composition Management application is fully integrated within our cloud platform. 


We work with the leading lab service companies all over North America. Once your primary lab provider publishes an analysis, ZCM securely stores it in our cloud platform, then immediately validates each component based on historical sample point analyses and sends your organization an email notification the analysis is ready for approval. You have the option to approve several analysis reports at one time. 


The auto-approval function allows Customers to preset parameters on approvals. You can then immediately update your meter with a new analysis as soon as we receive it from the lab. This automated process alone would significantly increase your sampling programs' efficiencies and allow you to focus on your core business.


Easily schedule and receive sample notifications 


Additional benefits of using Zedi Composition Management software include exporting approved analysis reports to submit for regulatory reviews and audits, planning your next sample analysis, and receiving notifications to alert your company of overdue tests on your oil and gas wells.


regulations for lab data made easyIf utilizing Emerson's Zedi Measurement Schematic application, you'll also be able to link sample points and view gas analysis data within your facility's schematics.

Our implementation team will also ensure your organization is quickly set up and fully trained to use ZCM while providing you with evergreen cloud software updates with no involvement from your IT department.

Now save time by helping your operations meet regulations, reduce manual errors, and remain organized with Zedi Composition Management 



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