Discover operational benefits with cloud mobility


Most people have become app-dependent in both their personal and professional lives. Mobile apps now allow people to do pretty much do anything from where they are, such as book a hotel last minute, transfer money, shop online or order food.

For operations, we built the Emerson's Zedi Go Mobile App, so field and office personnel will have access to operational data from anywhere, at any time. The app allows you to view real-time performance data easily, analyze and trend graphs, input operational data, change settings, issue commands, create customized mobile forms, and update control systems from the convenience of a smartphone.

Operational cost savings 

Producers can achieve cost savings and improve operations by deploying our mobile app to monitor and control assets.

Your staff will have real-time visibility to determine if trips to remote locations are needed or simply a waste of time, allowing them more to focus on your core business to help drive more robust bottom-line results. Using our app, Zedi Go operators can help reduce expenses associated with manual labor costs, while increasing everyone's safety.

With alarm notifications coming directly to your staff's smartphone, quick and responsive actions can be taken before a disaster occurs, helping you reduce downtime and save on unexpected expenses.

Since Zedi Go is available for Android and iOS smartphones, you can download the app from the Apple Store, Google Play, and Microsoft store. We made sure our app was compatible with all platforms to maximize all the benefits with less investment in new hardware or software technology.



Accessibility to near real-time data


Providing constant situational awareness with mobility tools enhances collaboration among team members. Our app gives you secure, on-demand access to information and expertise regardless of location, enabling action and cooperation through shared, relevant information.

Gain the ability to make operational data available immediately to all authorized users. Your personnel can monitor, remotely control, and enter data as needed to keep everyone up to speed and your operations running as usual.

We can even easily customize your mobile live screens to meet your company's data requirements. Reduce the decision-making process by including real-time analysis and response when using Zedi Go.


Safer working conditions


Gain operational safety for problems like an overflowing tank and increase safety by reducing trips to remote sites for no actual reason other than ‘check’ on your assets and see if everything is in proper order. Zedi Go mobile app enables authorized employees and contractors to capture critical information on the spot, to quickly route completed tasks to the appropriate people.


Alarm set-up is easy and allows you to customize limits for them to go off and who they get sent to, so you have total control over who knows what, when, and why. With alarm notification your field staff can quickly view and sort alarms and take immediate action by acknowledging critical alerts via email, phone, or messaging.


To save you time we also offer Zedi Alarm Management Services, where your automated assets will be remotely supervised and alarmed adequately at a fraction of the cost of an operator’s time. Instantly get the information you need while our experts handle the rest.


Cloud mobility with data storage

With data stored in the Zedi IIoT platform, there’s less of a chance of information getting lost. You can quickly enter data and update operations and systems in the app. Our cloud mobility app enables field staff to capture data on the spot offline in remote locations. For example, they can apply plate changes offline that will immediately update to the Zedi IIoT cloud-native platform when back online.

Using the Zedi Go mobile app will be one of the most effective options for your company as our team always remains on trends to bring you an app that will help you keep your operations going through all situations.



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