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Amy Thibault



So you’ve installed sensors and remote controls all through your operations and your facilities; both near the office and far, far away from anything and anyone.

Great start! But, you may be asking yourself; now what?

Let us show you what you've really got - It's a bit like buying a new sporty convertible car and then taking it out for a drive for the first time. The new car smell is still fresh and you aren't totally sure how it handles, how to put the top down, what it can do for acceleration or (more importantly) how fast it can stop; but you really, really want to find out!

You’re ready to see what it can really do, and it’s the same for digital technology. With those sensors and remote systems installed, now it can give you a lot of actionable data that can reduce downtime, boost profits and enable your employees to be more efficient. Let's show you want this engine's really got in it!

We've developed our cloud platform to gain actionable data analytics from anywhere. It was built for operations and people from around the world to gain the operational data they need with real time, actionable data-sets that’s available to your authorized people and stakeholders in your organization; no matter where they might be (as long as they have WiFi or an internet connection).

Buckle up, you're going to love driving this!

Field operations, managers, accounting, and executives all must have access to exactly what they need to know without drowning in Big Data. It all has to be clear and concise, providing each user with information and functionality relevant to them.


Cloud Software solutions  

This is what Emerson's Zedi SaaS SCADA does for you. On the Cloud you get software that’s always up to date, with lower operational costs. You won’t need any internal IT department to manage this data. We will free your people to focus on what you hired them to do, and enable them to focus on your core business.

Zedi SaaS SCADA gives you immediate access to key functions like monitoring, trending, reporting, device remote control and alarm management. It all comes with lots of easy-to-use interfaces and is streamlined for data processing.

You’ll never have to worry about big updates, either. It’s delivered as a service, so you get evergreen upgrades, ease of deployment, security patches, and server redundancies to prevent data loss in an emergency.

From sensors to software solutions, we provide a fast ROI, and ongoing capital efficiencies. That means this system pays for itself over. And over. And over.

Actionable Data in the palm of your hand

Since pretty much everyone has a smartphone, there is no additional hardware costs for you to be sure authorized remote workers have access as well. Most people handle smartphones and apps daily, so change-management is not an issue. Access on the go, giving remote asset data and remote-control availability to all authorized users. With our mobile app, Zedi Go now all those smartphone users have easy access and usability.

As you’ve seen, our Cloud Platform offers advantages: evergreen remote data access; monitor, control and data entry; instant access, complete with alarms and alerts.

Now you’re operating by exception. No more two-hour round trips to a site that’s working fine. Operational responsibilities are now prioritized and at their fingertips, so your people are more efficient.

Installing a SCADA system yourself can take months, cost a fortune and then ultimately leave you disappointed in the end result. With a cloud option, you get a readily available, proven system designed and built-for-purpose for every aspect of your operations.

You can get this deployed while focusing on core business and get actionable data within weeks instead of waiting months or years for a system that may still be full of bugs.

Understanding your data will help your operations identify problems as soon as they emerge, instead of waiting a day or more. It’s easy to see how this benefits you in increased production and greater efficiency.




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