Optimize rod pumps with advanced analytics

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Our software and IIoT platform enables operators to improve processes, enhance investments and maximize returns on their assets as they lean into an autonomous operation. A recent example of this includes how our experts have developed one solution to assist your operations in optimizing rod pumps using AI (artificial intelligence): Emerson's Zedi Autonomous Rod Pump Management.

Rod pump management challenges

As you know, rod pump equipment can experience a range of issues over its lifetime. With the proper design and maintenance, there is often a possibility of mitigating hardware failures like parted rods and worn tubing. However, well-bore related issues, such as wax buildup, gas interference, and gas locking are (historically) more unpredictable.

Traditionally, operators have relied on routine physical reviews of wells, with field operators visiting each well site to perform individual status checks. Unfortunately, this often results in unnecessary site visits and high windshield time for already stretched thin field staff.

And, while technology has enabled operators to monitor and control operational variables more effectively, the challenge with data storage capabilities can often be limited. As a result, this makes it difficult for operators to observe the right changes in rod pump behavior that may indicate a critical issue or one that is developing.


Optimize rod pumps with AI 

Using Emerson's Zedi SaaS SCADA along with the Zedi Go Mobile App, you can remotely enter, monitor, and manage production data, including adjusting pumping parameters without traveling to the site.

We give you an aggregated view of your rod pump data with always up-to-date enhancements that are effortless for your people, alarm management capabilities to make sure the right authorized people or groups get the right notifications at the right time, unlimited data storage, and the latest and most up to date security.

Zedi Autonomous Rod Pump Management, an AI (artificial intelligence) engine proactively identifies standard rod pump operational anomalies, making the appropriate adjustments to the rod pump stroke and speed, all without your operator's intervention.

Our robust cloud solutions enable you to prioritize daily tasks to focus on troubleshooting wells that indicate anomalies and minimize the time spent on unnecessary trips to the field.

Zedi Autonomous Rod Pump Management uses advanced analytics to identify multiple and even simultaneous anomalies near real-time. As pump cards and other data are pulled into Zedi Access, the AI engine analyzes all parameters and indicates an assessment on the Zedi Access dashboard. When an anomaly is identified, the analytics engine can autonomously issue commands to the rod pump's pump-off controller to adjust the variable frequency drive's (VFD) operation to correct the situation.

Corrective actions consist of sequences of learned commands to the VFD to adjust the stroke rate as needed based on the type and severity of the anomaly, just as an operator would.

Instructions can either be autonomously sent to your pump-off controller to correct the pump or raised as an alarm to your operations staff, identifying the issue and recommend action.

A pilot project for an existing customer revealed several anomalies in pump card behavior which helped improve the performance and production of three wells; which has now been highly adopted by this customer and is giving them 'next level' results for their operations especially with limited staff and high targets - it's been incredible to watch their growth and continued successes!

Our solutions AI algorithms are continually improved using expertise from production engineering as well as data scientists and user feedback. And because it's a cloud solution, developments are delivered seamlessly to you.



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