Going digital - easily move to the cloud

Posted by Amy Thibault on May 3, 2022 11:15:00 AM



Going digital, or Digital Transformation doesn't have to be riddled with complexity or long drawn out time-frames. In fact, it can really be easy, painless and fast and yet still make a huge positive impact on your business.

To stay competitive your company must focus on implementing new digital technologies into your operations to deliver more value to your customers and enable staff to do their job better and with less available internal resources.

To build a digital ecosystem for all stakeholders inside and outside your company means executing digital change activities. Emerson’s Zedi SaaS SCADA is a perfect partner on that journey. We serve various industries and can guide your Digital Transformation journey to your desired destination, and even autonomous operations. We can help you connect: 

We use IIoT sensors to connect your end devices with our platform and have over 200 industry standards, protocols, and devices. We simplify the connection process so you can get the data you need to make more informed business decisions for your operations.


We offer a wide variety of secure communication options with regional cellular and global satellite providers, so your data is always encrypted and secured through dedicated Access Point Names (APNs) and Virtual Private Network (VPNs) with our telecom partners.



We can help you analyze 


Once your data is on our platform, you'll gain the ability to hit a button and be presented with the exact report, or an alarm notification or other detailed data that is directly impacting your site or facility is vital in generating the decision-making data you need. Your data is filtered and won’t clutter up your vision on current issues you're trying to resolve. It's clear, impactful, and insightful.


Choose the applications you want to include for things like advanced analytics and a growing list of industry specific challenges.

Digital transformation to the cloud for industries


For example, for your oil and gas operations choose applications (many others available):


Emerson’s Zedi Composition Management a web based sampling program  is a web based sampling program with a secure, single vault for all of your lab analyses results, allowing you to streamline scheduling, approvals and notifications all while keeping end devices in the filed updated with lab results to drive better decisions at every level of your organization.


Emerson’s Zedi Schematics Manager to create schematics for all facilities, manage all changes, track all revision history, and document reviews and approvals.


Emerson's Zedi Pipeline Leak Detection that offers you identification of atypical events, including leaks, on pipelines. This application explicitly targets Saltwater Disposal systems.



We can help you interact 


Customers have access to the platform through our web interface Emerson’s Zedi Access and Emerson’s Zedi Go, our mobile app. Within Zedi Access, your staff will have powerful visualization tools, ad hoc trending, and graphing reporting abilities.


While the Zedi Go app is available to download from Apple Store, Google Play, or the Microsoft store for your phones and other devices. Zedi Go enables your field staff to manage alarms and enter data and have a simple live data screen mobile version available to them from anywhere. You’ll also have offline capabilities, with online synchronization once your back in-service area.



We can help you integrate 


With Emerson’s Zedi Data Exchange, we offer you flexible solutions that let your operations create direct data extraction from the platform into internal enterprise systems. Connectivity via direct database connections, API, FTP, email, S3, etc.


You and your authorized users can then perform simple or complex data transformations, while more complex implementations would require Zedi intervention. Extract and export data to third-party systems from the platform. The necessary visibility on your assets allows you to continue operating from anywhere at anytime.



We can help you with accessibility 


All authorized users have access to data anywhere, anytime. Your internal departments will be able to collaborate to make effective decisions from one centralized cloud location. 


Once you our set up with our platform we help you integrate the change management process and training sessions on the layout, and navigation of Zedi Access and Zedi Go.


You’ll never be alone on your digital transformation journey. We're with you every step of the way!





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