Easily grow production software

Posted by Haykel Ben-Nasr on Feb 19, 2020 12:15:00 PM

Keeping your oil and gas production automation systems current is a delicate balance. You have to keep up with ever-changing hardware, interfaces with other software and with improvements on the one hand. On the other hand, you don’t want to spend hours with updates that save up all the changesOil and gas production cloud software for one giant yearly revision—that may come with unintended and untested crashes.

That’s the benefit of evergreen cloud software like Emerson's Zedi Access. It grows in tiny increments just like an evergreen plant. From one day or month to the next, you don’t notice its growth—a new leaf here, a bit thicker trunk there—but it keeps growing and adapting to changes in seasons without skipping a beat.

By sending out small updates that focus on a narrow set of changes, we can test them for any unintended consequences and keep eliminate them so your update is seamless. Evergreen software means you always have the latest technology—without major upgrades.

This is all about meeting your expectations.

In truth, the goal for all of us is to sit down at our desk or workstation, log in and start right in on our job—not to be surprised by a crash or glitch, or even by a radical new interface, no matter how much better a software engineer thinks it is.

With small monthly updates, logging in and getting to work is exactly what you do. The only difference is that once a month you’ll see a small, probably welcome, improvement.

And we welcome your input.

Like this new feature? Let us know. Had an issue with it? We really want to know that, too, so we can learn and make it right, immediately. We also submit most changes to beta test groups just to make sure it’s working before we send it out.

That’s really where a number of our updates come from—users, just like you. “Hey, what if we could export this to X software? What if we could organize this report by Z category?”

We also keep our eyes open across the marketplace for what people are looking for to make their work easier, so we can plug that in before you even know you’re looking for it.

Sort of like a little birthday present every month.

That, right there, is one of the best parts of my job. When the company does customer surveys to get feedback about new features, that’s really motivating for us, especially when that feedback is positive. Even criticism is welcome, as I said before, because we’re always ready to listen and learn, to make Emerson's Zedi Access the best tool it can be for oil and gas producers everywhere.

Just like that evergreen plant, you can look back to where it was a year ago and realize how much it’s grown—how much more data you’re seeing, how much more efficient your workflow and interfaces have become without any one big change.

Evergreen means you can indeed sit down at your workstation and get to work. Every day. That’s what keeps us coming to work at Emerson every day.



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