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Posted by Amy Thibault



Operational data can be very messy and often times lives in many different places: internal systems, spreadsheets, email messages, hand written notes, even mental notes, and more. You need a way to manage all this information so it's available to you and your authorized users at any time for any reason.

By pooling all your operations data together into a cloud-based platform and utilizing cloud applications, you can simplify and cut down on the number of systems you need to support your operations. We've all heard the saying 'sometimes more is less' right? It totally proves true when it comes to your operational data; simplify where it's all combined and stored to get the most from it all.


Spend less time tracking down the data you need, spend less overhead on people to manage it in-house and gain the trust of your employees who will be able to get what they need faster and with far less frustration.


Simply put, cloud applications like Emerson's Zedi SaaS SCADA is an online machine that processes, analyzes and stores your operational information. We extract bits and pieces from one data-set to combine it with another data-set, giving you entirely new insights into your operational challenges that can maximize return very quickly and keep everyone on the same page of information to make better business decisions.

Zedi SaaS SCADA takes advantage of IIoT sensors to connect your devices to our platform, offering two-way communication between devices. You can choose the data your operations needs to remotely monitor and control your assets and have 24/7 accessibility via our web interface, and mobile app; Zedi Go. 


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Once your data is secure on the Zedi Access platform, you'll have many embedded cloud applications to explore depending on your industry, ensuring you can transform your data into better more complete analyzed data to gain better insights into your operations.

Some of our embedded cloud features and applications include: 

Analytics are presented to you and your authorized users in a multitude of ways you decide work best for your operations. Many templates are ready to roll, or you can create custom presentations to capture the most value.

Zedi Measurement Schematics lets you create schematics for your facilities, allowing you to manage all changes, track all revision history, and document reviews and approvals. 

Zedi Composition Management is a sampling program with a secure, single vault for all of your lab analyses results, allowing you to streamline scheduling, approvals, and notifications while keeping end devices in the field updated with lab results to drive better decisions at every level of your organization. 

Alarm Notifications easily lets you configure alarms and receive callout alarms via email, text, or phone to responsible users and teams. The application includes acknowledgment, retries, contract schedules, and callout lists.

Zedi Pipeline utilizes pipeline pressures, flow rates, and pump status to analyze flow patterns and determine if an issue is present. This application uses statistical and machine learning based identification of atypical events, including leaks on pipelines and specifically targets saltwater disposal systems.

Quantity Transaction Record (QRT) Calculator - Roll up production from gas wells into daily volumes of produced products. Our cloud technology totals your data to be compliant with oil and gas regulations.

Several more applications are available in the platform like tank monitoring, compressor monitoring and status, and more, but this gives a general idea of what to expect it can do for your operational improvements. Our SaaS SCADA is heavily involved at all times with innovation development processes to keep your applications running smoothly and delivering you the very best outcomes your business needs.


Stand-alone cloud applications  

We also have stand-alone cloud applications, which are also web-based and easily accessible to you from anywhere using a secure internet connection. These stand-alone cloud applications can help your oil and gas operations stay compliant and meet monthly regulatory reporting deadlines.


Emerson's Zedi Roughneck a fixed asset management application that lets you choose from various modules that help you organize your assets and safety information. Modules include track equipment and location, schedule work orders, and safety. 


Emerson's Zedi Vital is a field capture software that lets you gather and analyze manually entered, imported, or electronically updated oil and gas production data from various locations. The software allows multiple users to access data based on their roles quickly and design robust weekly and monthly reports. Do more with less for operations in every industry


When utilizing Zedi Access, you can push your production data to Zedi Vital to create more informed reports on your assets.


Now is the time to begin cutting through your data with cloud applications that can provide more insight into your operations.








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