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It’s surprising how many operators are using one software system or company to monitor tanks, Consolidate oi land gas production dataanother to automate pumps and yet another for back office reporting software. There may have been a time in history when this was necessary—there was a lot of narrow specialization at one time—but it is definitely hard to keep up with.

When something goes wrong, who do you call? If the problem is beyond the scope of your own people’s training, is the issue with the software, the communication system, or the security of it all? And then who is going to fit the problem itself? This does not help you, or your team focus on your production.

After all, you digitally transformed your operations to increase efficiency, not create confusion and headaches.


This is exactly what we’re solving with Emerson's Zedi SaaS SCADA. We can handle all the decisions on hardware—we’re ‘hardware agnostic’ so we’re free to choose the best sensors and equipment for your situation—communication systems and reporting software with alarms you can set. All you do is tell us what you want to automate and how you want the numbers reported and we’ll do the rest—in just a few days.

You’ll be slashing site trips, fixing site problems and boosting revenue in less time than it takes to binge-watch Game of Thrones.

But what if you’re in the situation mentioned in the first paragraph—you’re dealing with several different vendors?

Changing providers is indeed a tough decision. But if you decide some kind of change is necessary, let me say this: we can work with all kinds of production operations; our platform is built for anything under the industrial sun. You can even decide to layer our platform onto your own current systems to help make your team more mobile, or as a secondary system for a transitional time-frame until everyone on your team is comfortable with the change.

Consolidate oi land gas production dataMaybe in your current situation you’re only wanting a cloud based system as an emergency back-up if your in-house system fails; we can do that. Maybe you want to take your time so your people can gain a full understanding and comfort level in using all the amazing reports, analytics, alarms and more that we can provide.

To simplify and consolidate your operational data you can take it any any level and speed that works for you and your people. We offer full training, 24/7 support, evergreen system updates and so much more. We're here when you're ready to learn more.




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