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Posted by Amy Thibault on Jun 12, 2018 11:44:47 AM

If you like to grow plants, you know that there are three main things they require for growth: water, sunshine and good soil. If you supply all these, your plants will grow healthy and strong, putting out new leaves and colorful blossoms in their season.

It’s very satisfying to watch strong growth in something you’ve nurtured.

I feel exactly that way about our growth. We’ve expanded organically by identifying and supplying the top three things our customers need for better production. Much like water, sunshine and good soil without any one of these the chances of growth drops quickly.


First, they want integration.

They want to call one company for everything from automation, software, SCADA, remote monitoring and control of pumpjacks, tanks, compressors and more.

We always start by asking, “What problem are you trying to solve?” We train our team to work together. So when a customer asks an Automation team member about figuring out how to get the right data they want, that technician can quickly get the right Zedi people together to solve the problem. There’s no calling around to another vendor to see who can do the job and how soon they can get there.

In truth, sometimes a customer asks for something we don’t currently provide—and even there, our people are glad to make the call and get the work scheduled. We want your company to realize its potential-simply.

Sometimes we have to get creative, but that’s okay, we’re very creative people.


Second, they want clear communication.

We train our team to understand that communication with the customer—and each other—prevents problems and creates solutions. If we have to make a change, we want the customer to know right away, so they can adjust their own schedule if needed. When we find a creative solution to a problem, we want to explain and make sure the customer understands the thinking behind the solution.

Oil and gas SCADA automation

We hire and develop people who are totally customer-focused and who aren’t afraid to go the extra mile in both work and creativity to solve any problem. This is the kind of thing that creates successful, long-term relationships with customers. They know we’re totally dedicated to getting their issues solved.

You never know when a new solution on one well may make things better on a thousand others!


Third, they want long-term relationships.

This is another area where our team shines! Our turnover rate is less than 10 percent—a level unheard of in most industries. We achieve that first by hiring very carefully. We make certain our values are aligned well, and that our experiences can benefit each other. Then we help them develop their abilities and third, by promoting from within.

We post all job openings internally first, so that the employee who’s learned all they can at their current level and is ready for new challenges, knows they’ll be accommodated. We do this not only to benefit our team members, but also for our customers; those long-term relationships with our team are extremely helpful to them.

These three top production tools are what we utilize to support our customers continued growth. We nurture them the way you would your plants, or garden. Instead of double-checking the sunlight, water and the soil everyday, we’re always making sure that we’re offering the right solutions they need; based on integration of solutions that can grow and scale with their needs. Our communication is always open, and clear, and making sure our valuable team members are here for them for the long haul.


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