Teamwork to assess and reduce risk

Posted by Grand Lau on Apr 4, 2018 12:20:00 PM

What kind of risk taker were you as a kid? Were you the one who built a rickety ramp out of plywood,Asset Management software for oil and gas production braced it up with some loose bricks you found in the yard and wheeled your bike bravely up to the top?

Hey, everybody, watch this!

At the top, you’re surveying the scene and doing a sort of primitive risk management—am I gonna have an exhilarating ride down this ramp, then shoot up toward the stars? Or will I fall off halfway down and smash every bone in my body?

For today’s oil and gas producers, risk management needs to be much more sophisticated and accurate.

Today we call it “Management of Change” (MOC). Emerson's Zedi Roughneck cloud based software is the perfect solution for managing uncertainties that allow your organization and teams to collaborate on how to best manage and mitigate risks associated to changes that impact your operations.

The key to Zedi Roughneck MOC lies in the collaboration piece. It involves the necessary individuals within your company and encourages conversations about the MOC request and how best to proceed or not to proceed. For example, Did we think about x, or what if we do it like y? And it’s all tracked and kept in one place, making it easy and convenient to refer to later on as to why changes were made the way they were.

It’s sort of like the second time the kid goes down the ramp.

We can also build your company’s own matrix into the system so it fits exactly into what’s needed.


Asset Management software for oil and gas production

Once the number is assigned, it gets compared to existing parameters. A change with a low number probably gets approved quickly. Riskier changes may need to go up the chain of command, where they’re either signed off on or sent back down with orders to get into the acceptable range.

After approval, the system creates the work order and progress begins.

As with all our software, this database is so much better than wrestling with written documentation, spreadsheets that are slightly different across several computers, and all that.

Your data is on the cloud, so it’s securely available anytime, anywhere, to any authorized user. The same data.

The safety and collaboration levels here are perfect for any small-to-medium company that’s growing, adding wells and fields, who realize that their file cabinets are filling up. Or that they’ve outgrown their current software.

It's time to park your bike in the garage, and let us help you get your management of change to the next level.





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