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Amy Thibault



The cost of distractions in life is high. What can often seem like a minor distraction can have a giant impact on life; a distracted drive to work could cause a crash, distracted while reading email could cause you to miss an important request from the boss, or being distracted while spending time with family could result in a loved one that doesn’t feel heard anymore, or think you care.

When it comes to your operations distractions can cause just as much havoc and loss. Distractions cause the risk of safety of people; and the environments around you, and the health of the bottom line. Those distractions could be losing your organization hundreds of thousands of dollars. Without your eye on the prize you could be risking the sustainability of your organization; here today - gone tomorrow happens all too often these days.

We get that with a serious lack of skilled labor, limited budgets, and uneasy market conditions it’s really easy to lose focus on what really matters.

That’s why it’s important to have the right enabling technology and software in place for you, and your people to gain total focus on your operations that help you gain new levels of safety, organizational health for long-term success, and increases in focused productivity.

We’re here to help you quickly, and easily do just that.


We have experts to help get you up and running on the Zedi IIoT platform on time and on budget. Gain actionable insights to your data with alarms set at specific points for notices to go to your determined authorized end users so no one is wasting time, or energy on information that isn’t relevant to them. It also means your staff can quickly regain total focus on your core business, and their core role and responsibilities. Removing the distractions of trying to figure out things like how to maintain a SCADA system, when to update the system, how and who will try and stay on top of security or merge data from a new asset… We do all of this for you and much more with 24/7 support experts ready to help at anytime.

It works great on any and every device:

Need it on your laptop at the office. Just sign in - Bam!

On your smartphone when you travel? You bet, just download Zedi Go – Straightforward!

Going to an overseas conference? It’s securely on the cloud with anytime, anywhere access – Effortless!

For your people in the field it’s the same. If you’re adding some new locations, devices or controls, it’s painless. We’re hardware agnostic, so your diagnostics are waiting for you no matter what’s out there in the field. Got a combination of brownfield and greenfield devices? We’re with you.

This way all you’re thinking of is getting actionable analytics, control and maintaining safety in every location. You’ll see exactly what you need to see—what you couldn’t see before—and be ready for anything.

Plus, when we talk about safety, we mean in every category. In today’s hacker-crazy world, we use the latest and most secure systems there are, to make sure only you and your authorized people can see it and work with it. And in the field, physical safety can depend on reliable alarms, real-time detection and immediate actions that can shut off devices, close, open or reroute valves or whatever is needed to minimize issues and keep everyone safe on the job and in the nearby communities.

Emerson’s Zedi IIoT platform is evergreen; meaning all those incremental updates will take care of themselves, every time. We do them in small, regular increments so they’re practically invisible. You’ll notice a process works a bit better, gives you an additional option or connects with a new device—and you can easily get used to that small update. Your workflow remains normal and smooth, without any interruption or, of course the major distractions of reboots, or downtime.

It’s seamless, simple and invisible. The best software is the kind you don’t notice. What you will notice is that you’re making faster, better, more informed decisions based on real-time data, that’s formatted exactly the way you want it.

In short—you control it - it doesn’t control you, or your people so everyone (yourself included) can fearlessly focus on what you love, what you hired people to do so well.





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