Park your compressor monitoring truck

Posted by Amy Thibault on Mar 2, 2021 12:15:00 PM

In the past few years, as oil and gas prices began to drop and investment capital dried up, ‘business-as-usual’ models began to die a painful death for those companies that did not have a targeted digital transformation goal, or (at least) a strong eye on the prize with an actionable plan already in place.Oil and gas compressor monitoring and control solution

The digital transformation journey can look very different for each company depending on what (if anything) you already have in place; but there are some pretty easy; highly effective and easy wins you can score right out of the gate.

One easy way to gain a win is to park your compressor monitoring truck today, and leave it there.

Spending endless hours driving thousands of miles across oil basins to pop in to just check on some compressors is no longer economically feasible (or ever really was). Paying for all those driver hours, all that fuel, all those tires, insurance, registrations and oil changes—that’s not feasible either, and more importantly; it's just not safe for your people. At minimum, it's just not smart for long-term sustainability to your business model. Especially businesses that may want to invite interest from potential buyers, or investors. Even buyers are now inspecting potential acquisitions’ balance sheets and procedures because—well, it’s a buyer’s market and they have choices.

Reduce site trips with remote monitoring and control of compressors 

You may be asking is how do you tighten up field operations when simply reducing site trips is just asking for big trouble and inviting all sorts of horrible outcomes and issues. With Emerson's Zedi Compressor Monitoring and Control you get it all. You’re only sending people out when there’s really a need, and at the same time you have eyes on the site all the time, not just when somebody’s got it on their drive-by schedule.

That means you know about failures or leaks within minutes instead of coming across them after hours or days of lost production or leaks. With Control, you can solve a number of problems from a desktop or smart device, often without even a site trip then.

Oil and gas compressor monitoring and control solutionGet informed about engine temperature, oil pressure and temperature, discharge pressure, suction pressure and more, no matter where you are or what time of the day or night it is.

Now those trucks are only on the road when there’s a physical repair. Even better, your field techs know exactly the parts and tools they need to load up before they even think about leaving on the trip out—and if they need to talk to an expert on a particular problem before they head out, to further speed their success.

Get started quickly

Starting from scratch seems daunting, and if you’re doing it yourself, it is. Decisions on hardware, software, communications, the number and locations of sensors—on and on. It can take a year or more that way, and a small investment into headache medications.

Or... You can simply talk to us, we're here to help you with every, and any step of your digital transformation. Here are some top benefits of calling us in to help you:

    • Prepackaged, best-practices system installed in days or weeks
    • Custom adjustments available to fit your requirements
    • Our Zedi SCADA Platform integrates easily into any existing automation you have
    • You’re getting information and control quickly and securely
    • 24/7 support that's always there to help you
    • You see meaningful, and fast return
Your way is now clearer than ever to the changes, the new beginnings, the remedies your company needs to stay relevant and ready to make tomorrow amazing, productive, profitable and sustainable for you, and your people. The way is clear—you really can park the truck except when it’s really needed.



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