Increase public safety with gas distribution control

Posted by Amy Thibault


System-wide efficiency; instant response to incidents; boost public safety.

These are the top benefits to using Zedi Access™ for municipal gas distribution systems. In medium to large cities these systems can involve thousands of miles of pipelines, dozens of pump stations and hundreds of valves and controls.

Monitoring pumps and pressures manually is almost impossible, the worst case scenario being the 2018 Massachusetts line over-pressure incident that injured 22 people and drove hundreds from their homes. There the pressure sensors had been disconnected during a pipeline upgrade and control was lost.

Our cloud platform enables operators with alarms, and instant access to allow pumps, valves and gateways to be immediately adjusted to prevent a wide range of issues, large and small; yet still easily managed to know the intensity of the alarm. Our integrated system gathers, calculates, stores, communicates and visualizes vital data across the entire system’s infrastructure.

We can compile data from any brand of digital monitoring hardware, through gateways supporting many different protocols. After compiling this data, we present analyzed data on our web interface—and you can even export data to any other platform you’re already using to visualize or control your systems.


The Pressure Is On


Over-pressure or under-pressure; both are issues for any system. Maintaining a constant level is important for both operations and safety. So strategically placed monitors throughout the distribution network are vital to providing real-time alerts so fast responses can solve issues before they become a problem.

Many of these changes can be made without sending personnel to the site, although a visual check may still be in order to determine whether there was an outside force or incident that created the problem. But at least temporary fixes can be done remotely, which still prevents bigger problems. And any personnel dispatched to the scene will have information and insights to know what tools, parts and expertise to bring with them. This makes sure repairs are done efficiently and quickly, minimizing extra trips to the shop.

Here are two common options for over-pressure protection. A system made up of two regulators in series, both sensing the same downstream pressure. Should one fail, the other takes over.

Another option for single over-pressure protection is a regulator with full capacity relief. This is a single regulator controlling downstream pressure, connected with a relief valve downstream from the regulator. Should the regulator fail, the relief valve opens, relieving excess pressure and keeping the line pressure within parameters.

Security, Redundancy, and Flexibility


Cloud data gives you a lot of advantages. It’s securely protected. It’s redundant so that a failure in one place can be overridden by twin data from another location. It’s available to all authorized personnel in location, any time zone, on any desktop or mobile device.

Gas distribution and over pressure protection and controlZedi SaaS SCADA is easily and quickly scalable. Should the system expand or equipment change, sit can easily changed to work with additions or deletions without any hassles.

And it’s evergreen. As improvements, tweaks and updates happen, they’re added on a regular schedule, without interrupting anyone’s day. No separate downloads, no retraining, no more work interruptions just to get your system updated; it works seamlessly; the way everything should.

Many updates are suggested by end users, so please feel free to communicate any ideas to your representative.







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